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  1. Hi all, I’ve been a member here since before I started in the industry. Recently, in addition to my position as Advanced Level Designer at WB Games MTL, I have been mentoring and doing demos for this course at CGMA. Registration is open now but has limited seats. It’s a great course for amateurs and pros in the industry! Starting May 1st, learn #leveldesign from the pros behind #Bioshock Infinite and #Uncharted (Emilia Schatz) in the Level Design for Games course https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/courses/46-level-design-for-games
  2. System Shock 3 is happening and has key members of the original team involved: http://www.polygon.com/2015/12/14/10104714/system-shock-3-announcement-official-otherside-entertainment
  3. This looks great. Really looking forward to it. I worked on the original game and it had so much squandered potential. A lot of cool stuff I am seeing in the sequel was stuff that the design team wanted, but since THQ wanted a Call of Duty style game it wasn`t allowed. Will definitely pick it up.
  4. I already have lots of reasons to see this, but this flip out by the MRA crowd is my latest favorite: http://www.dailydot.com/geek/reviewer-reaction-mad-max-sexism/
  5. It was great, except for the incredibly cliche sexism of portraying Black Widow whining about not being able to have children. I felt physical pain watching that seen. Took me a few minutes to get back into the movie.
  6. I feel that a large amount of the ire directed at this film is due to last two previous entries' disappointments. Regardless of that, I think its intriguing how much this film seems to be trying to actually explore the time travel elements more than all the others. It reminds me somewhat of the way Back to the Future 2 played with the structure of the first BTTF, which was rather enjoyable. I agree that the screenplay creator's link to the modern Dracula movies is troubling- so I am hoping that this movie's screenplay is much more from the creator of Shutter Island (which I loved).
  7. Re-worked my SCAR-20 | Spinal style to be more glossy and a bit more reminsicent of an X-Ray scan. The old one got ridiculously ignored by the public (oh my pride!). http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=387509721
  8. Nice work Mind! To get that kind of detail on a custom skin style, did you export the entire weapon model and then paint on 3d layer in Photoshop (or similar)? For my first skins I just converted a VTF skin to Targa and painted on it, but I am seeing that is rather limited- especially when I saw how terrible some of the unwrapping was on some weapons.
  9. Yes I prefer the gold hieroglyphs. Nice! Loving the Cola patina! That's a sweet color and randomized pattern. My new fave Glock.
  10. That's cool is that a patina? My only issue is that it makes the handle look like its part of a 'replica gun'...but its not too big an issue, I still like it. I deleted the SCAR from the workshop, I think I need more work on it then will re-release it. Also, the SCAR doesn't seem to be a popular weapon.
  11. Just finished this one recently. The serrated look of the SCAR inspired the metallic snake spine. I published it last night but then the workshop was down a few minutes later and stayed down for the next 12 hours, burying this item in the back of the browsing list. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=358710610
  12. Does anyone know if when a skin is purchased from the marketplace, is an actual .vtf downloaded locally? I bought a Negev skin recently and wanted to see how the creator altered the existing skin. The way the Negev was unwrapped is batshit and split in the weirdest ways, and I was hoping looking at someone else's custom skin would save me some grief.
  13. I see some weathering on the rifle below the scope. Maybe some combination of the alpha channel in your VTF file allowing some wear. I know its weird since I see wear is set to zero, but might want to have a look at the alpha. On my CZ skin above, I had to erase a lot of the alpha masking on the barrel to tone down the amount of wear that would show through.
  14. Red version: Adjusted the highlights to yellow orange, added some small detail to the grip: Blue version: Added some small detail to the grip and barrel:
  15. The same in red with a harder graphic look:
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