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  1. Some custom skybox terrain I created using World Machine and Twister: This custom terrain can be found on my map am_frozen_fortress. You can read more about how I generated this here.
  2. For the final spinoff map, I decided to create a custom terrain for the 3D skybox with the help of World Machine: Map download (am_frozen_fortress): Steam Workshop Gamebanana The heightmap and texture image for this terrain was created in World Machine, while Twister was used to convert the heightmap to displacements. In Twister, the settings I used were a length and width of 8192, a height of 3072, a power of 3 and a displace resolution of 16 (256 tiles total). And here was how my logic chart looked like when I created the heightmaps and textures (only the "O
  3. For those of you who have played Payday 2, here's something inspired by the Diamond Heist puzzle that I created in CS:GO: This puzzle was created using func_door, logic_case and math_counter entities and can be found on my map am_jungle_pit. You can find a general explanation on how I did this here.
  4. For the spinoff of aim_six_arenas' jungle room, I created a random path generator thing inspired by Payday 2's Diamond Heist puzzle: Map download (am_jungle_pit): Steam Workshop Gamebanana This generator was created using math_counter, func_door and logic_case entities, with the func_door platforms arranged in a 5x7 grid (5 columns, 7 rows). The path will always move straight in rows 1, 4 and 7. In rows 2, 3, 5 and 6, on the other hand, the path can move either left, right or straight. If path moves right or left in row 2, the path in row 3 will move the same dir
  5. Not a screenshot, but I did recently create a Monty Hall problem simulator mainly using logic entities. In my version, the cars and goats have been replaced with cash and fire: And here's a couple of videos of me running 100 simulations: The process of creating this simulator is a bit long and you can read about it here. However, the AddOutput command was very useful preventing the map igniting the same button the player picked during the first round (i.e. preventing something like this from happening). You can test this simulator out yourself on my
  6. The process on how I made the Monty Hall problem simulator is pretty lengthy, so I'm going to create a separate post for this. A challenge in creating a Monty Hall problem simulator is preventing the map from burning the same button the player picked during the first try. To do this, I made each button have a corresponding set of logic_branch, logic_compare and math_counter entities . The logic_branches tells the map which button is eligible to be burned after the first press, while the logic_compares determines whether or not the player used a safe button (i.e. the button that will open
  7. I recently released another spinoff of AIM_Six_Arenas, this time a de_cache themed arena called Munitions Cache (am_munitions_cache). You can download this map at the following links: Steam Workshop Gamebanana The thing about Munitions Cache is that the main area is very similar to de_cache's 1v1 warmup arena. In turn, I thought it would be a great map to add secrets to. The first secret is a short obstacle course with round-to-round variations that you have to complete in 60 seconds. The secret is a Monty Hall problem simulator, created using only logic entities. Here's a
  8. sn0wsh00

    [AIM] Dune Arena

    It's rare to see AIM maps use detailed custom textures and models, so it's a really nice change of pace to see something like your map. Great job, even if I feel like AKs and deagles are overused on these types of maps.
  9. Just played both versions and so far everything looks really great. The hostage at E1 looks really easy to camp, but overall, I couldn't find any blatant gameplay issues, at least with the hostage version. Can't wait to see the finished map. Great job with that barbershop painting as well. Definitely something worth getting a mild case of carpal-tunnel over. From a lore perspective, I would have personally chosen someone else other than the GIGN for the CT side given that Sierra Leoneans speaks English. Preferably, I would have the CTs be based on something like the Sierra Leone police, g
  10. If you had taken a look at the Steam guide, you'll see that I recommend the math_counter method to randomize weapons in CS:GO. This is because having a single trigger_multiple for each side makes it much easier when you want to enable or disable random weapons depending on game mode. Suppose you want random weapons to be only enabled in custom. Also say that you want buy zones to be enabled in casual/competitive modes. To do this: Follow the steps in the previous post for weapon randomization, but this time, set the Start Disabled property for the two trigger_multiple entities to Ye
  11. And for those who were wondering, here's the VScript code I used to enable random weapons in only specific modes (shoutout again to @Kokopelli for writing the original script): function FixGameMode() { local nMode = ScriptGetGameMode(); local nType = ScriptGetGameType(); local nRounds = ScriptGetRoundsPlayed(); if (nMode == 0 && nType == 3) { EntFire("buyzone_trigger", "Disable", 0, 0); if (nRounds == 0) { SendToConsole("mp_respawn_immunitytime 0; mp_roundtime 3; mp_maxrounds 30; mp_warmuptime 1; mp_timelimit 0; bot_chatter normal; mp_
  12. After a few weeks of work, I'll like to present my second aim_six_arenas spinoff map: Showdown Planet Download: Steam Workshop Gamebanana Like with aim_six_arenas, the game starts off as a series of six 1v1 duels. After 30 seconds, though, instead of doors unlocking to an interconnecting hallway, all surviving players get teleported to a seventh arena for a final showdown. Also, unlike in the original map, which mean to be a collection of six soundstages at a building complex, the six arenas on this map are meant to represent different locations on earth, which means the a
  13. Just added a new way to randomize weapons to the guide. You can read how I did it on Steam, but I'll post the method here on Mapcore as well because it's always good to have a backup. So, suppose you want a round where the terrorists and counter-terrorists spawn with a Tec-9 and Five-Seven respectively, and another round where they spawn with a Glock and a USP-S. To do this, Create a logic_eventlistener entity and name it ListenRoundStart. Set "Event Name" to round_start. Create two filter_activator_team entities. Name one filter_t and the other filter_ct Create two mat
  14. I've been putting the finishing touches to my aim_six_arenas spinoff map (which I'm now calling Showdown Planet) and I though I could share some comparison GIFs between the original map and the spinoff map. As I mentioned earlier, while aim_six_arenas merely was a collection of six soundstage-like rooms connected by a hallway, Showdown Planet will consist of six separate arenas meant to represent different places around the world, which means the arenas in Showdown Planet will be far more detailed than their aim_six_arenas counterparts. Dust/Mirage arena: Aztec/Ancient arena:
  15. Learning more about the equirectangular projection, it turns out that if I wanted to properly texture a skydome, I should have only cropped the top half, as opposed to the top 3/4, of the panorama. For my upcoming map, though, I'm going to stick with the 3/4 method mentioned at the top. That's because the 3/4 method is able to capture a lot more of the horizon than the top half method, with the only tradeoff really being a slightly distorted skydome. Instead, I figured out that a much better use for the 1/2 cropping method is when I have to create a skysphere. Because I'm lazy, the "skysp
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