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  1. The_Virus

    Dungeon Props

    Yes, you're somewhat right ;D but I do not stick to Diablo And the props that are seen here are still in the raw form Later I edit you still in ZBrush and Marmoset
  2. The_Virus

    Dungeon Props

    I am creating 3D props for my dungeon. Here is the first picture of the columns. More pictures will follow like door, stones, barrels etc. Textures and fine details on the model come later.
  3. The_Virus

    demon cat girl

    I am currently working on a Demon Cat Girl. She should get a sinn later. I've been working on the head for about a week. I use different programs for the model, you can see a list here. List of programs: ZBrush substance painter Maya About comments I would be happy
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