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  1. tomdon

    The random model thread!

    A rock I made over lunch, 700 triangles.
  2. tomdon


    Quality ref! Thanks . I shall work on getting more of this in there.
  3. tomdon


    I would agree , at the moment I have just been grabbing CSGO props to speed things up. My plan is to replace the unrelated stuff with my own custom content.
  4. tomdon


    Thought I might break out in to my own thread for my Bruges map. Everything is up in the air at the moment, I am using existing assets for everything at the moment. Once I am happy with the layout I will start adding in my own assets. I have started to work on some low poly models for background buildings: and just a couple of general shots:
  5. Lol, what the heck. I just started making a map inspired by Bruge as well!!
  6. I still like the general composition and colours. The actual implemtation of it all is a bit ropey, it was my final year uni project, so was really rushed by the end. These are the final shots of it: http://tomdon.net/images/signy.jpg http://tomdon.net/images/ward_small.jpg http://tomdon.net/images/stairs0034.jpg http://tomdon.net/images/small_tree.jpg
  7. Hah, that is awesome. Glad I am bringing back some nostalgia, was not expecting anybody to remember them! I have one more old school image from the same time:
  8. At the very least, here are some very old maps that I never finished. Made for Battlegrounds 2 8 years ago:
  9. This thread is really making me want to dust off some of my millions of canned maps! I really want to dust off my Hammer and make some levels again as well!
  10. tomdon

    The random model thread!

    Few trees and bush/trees I am working on
  11. tomdon

    Dead B4 Xmas

    Cheers guys , I am going to try and get more colour in there with some orange lighting in the house. I have added a few coloured christmas lights (they turn on when survival mode is activated). I have spent a bit of time making some super cheap woodland models to go around the edge of the map. Hopefully it feels a bit more like it is sat in woodland, rather than on some giant snow plane.
  12. tomdon

    Dead B4 Xmas

    I am trying to make a little l4D2 survival map, ideally before christmas day! Its all very wip at the moment. I have been taking the time to make custom props, like the snow covered roof and the internal stairs (not pictured). Posting up progress in the hope that it spurs me on to get this finished!
  13. tomdon

    The random model thread!

    Working on some bespoke stairs for a L4D map, not finished so there are some dodgy bits.
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