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  1. Fergo

    What I'm Working On

    Love that Hurg Inc. is still going strong and expanding it's operations worldwide.
  2. Some friends of mine are writing a RPG narrative and asked me do draw some scenes and maps to "enrich" the experience. I did this one last night (about 4 hours of work) and was quite satisfied with it, specially the colors, which I always struggled with. I've been trying to get back into painting and I consider this my best work so far. I've been practicing quite regularly for the last month and I definitely see some improvement. I was looking for some kind of afternoon lighting in this: By the way, here is the map that I designed for the RPGs. The scene above is a representation of the ruins at mid-top in this map. Since is a RPG map, elements are not to scale. The names are obviously provisional lol
  3. After a couple of years without messing with anything game-related, I decided to give it a try with Photoshop and nDo2 Beta. Rendered with Marmoset.
  4. Fergo

    (Halflife 1) Mayacore

    That blue'ish picture is awesome! Others looks nice too, although I didn't liked the orange light color you used in point lights.
  5. A few days ago I've found a 2002/2003 backup CD with a shitload of unfinished goldsrc maps. Since I don't have those games installed anymore, pics were taken with Crafty. Too bad most of them are only a .map file and I don't have the wad/spr/mdl/skybox... A "bank assault" themed TS map Don't remember why I did this, but there were some TS-like sprite trees in there too DOD level This was not really for a goldsrc, but for a "hide and seek" game we were working on and decided to use Valve BSP format for the maps Good memories from those days...
  6. Nice idea! One suggestion to the layout: reduce the height of the header (title+menu+pics). I think it's taking too much space (on my notebook, the content of the page starts past beyond the middle of the screen area). In larger monitors it's probably not an issue, but would be nice to consider this for smaller screen sizes such as 15.4" notebooks (1280x800). One simple solution might be just to remove the frame and put everything in a single page, like most websites. Fergo
  7. Pretty cool man, specially the dusk version. I tried some things with C4Rad either, but Infinity Ward simply vanished with the 4 viewport setup (like Max, Hammer, UED and previous versions of Radiant), which killed the editor, imho. There are other viewport options, but the most common and probably the most used, they removed. It looks like I'm mapping for Doom I. The new layout is weird as hell for most people. I tried changing a lot of registry keys related to the camera setup and even open radiant in a resource editor, and for my surprise, the option of 4 viewports was still there, but hidden. Unfortunately making it visible and selecting it didn't worked (they ripped off the code as well =/).
  8. A birthday present I gave to myself Razer Pro|Tones M100. Fergo
  9. Fergo

    Image quality and the night

    Here's a lot of pictures I've taken to test some night shots too. I have a pretty old and simple camera (Canon A75), but it still might help: ISO 50 - 15s exposure - Apperture F/8.0 e F/4.0 respectively ISO 50 - 4s exposure - Apperture F/8.0 e F/4.0 respectively ISO 50 - 1/10s exposure - Apperture F/8.0 e F/4.0 respectively ISO 200 - 15s exposure - Apperture F/8.0 e F/4.0 respectively ISO 200 - 4s exposure - Apperture F/8.0 e F/4.0 respectively ISO 200 - 1/10s exposure - Apperture F/8.0 e F/4.0 respectively ISO 400 - 15s exposure - Apperture F/8.0, F/4.0 e F/2.8 respectively ISO 400 - 4s exposure - Apperture F/8.0 e F/4.0 respectively ISO 400 - 1/10s exposure - Apperture F/8.0, F/4.0 e F/2.8 respectively Hope it helps Fergo
  10. Fergo

    Bamboo (Fun)

    I can't see any usage for the mouse when you got a nice intuos pen The precision of the wacom mouse is a lot better than optical mouses, so It may be useful for gaming (not sure) or working at Max and stuff like that (I didn't liked at all using the pen to work with SketchUp). Fergo
  11. Fergo

    Bamboo (Fun)

    I think the mouse is only useful in large tablets. It's almost impossible to use a mouse in a 4x6 active area >< Fergo
  12. Fergo

    Bamboo (Fun)

    The Bamboo series has only one model (MTE-450), only in the small size and does not come with a mouse or any extra pen tips. It's basically just the tablet and the pen. The Bamboo Fun comes in two sizes (small and medium) and a mouse. The technical details of both of them are the same (resolution, pressure levels, etc). I recently bought the Bamboo MTE-450 and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I made a small review of it (it's in portuguese, but you can check some close-up pics): http://www.guiadohardware.net/comunidade/v-t/926318/ Fergo
  13. Ronin - Car chase: Bourne Ultimatum - The second scene have one of the best dialogs I've ever seen: Titanic - Break Up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiJMILHQxo0 Oceans Eleven - The whole robbery scene: Fergo
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