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  1. Apeirogon Entertainment is a brand new indie game company located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are currently in the early prototyping stage of our first project JetForce - a Sci-Fi first person shooter with a twist; every player has a constant flight jet pack ala The Rocketeer or Dark Void. At this point in time we're looking for an environment artist who would be willing to volunteer some of their free time towards creating some environment prop models for the game. This job is on a Volunteer basis with possibility for Royalties after passing the probation period. If interested please contact info[AT]torquemod.com We are also hiring for several other positions which can be seen on our jobs page http://apeirogon-games.com/jobs.html For more info on the company visit our website at http://apeirogon-games.com/ To view our infrequently updated JetForce art dump gallery visit http://apeirogon-games.com/jetforce/ At the behest of my concept artist, I'm posting our "agreement" that we're signing with all of the team members. He thinks its a good idea to point out that anyone volunteering to help us out retains ownership of their work and if we do get funding, a new contract will be required. http://www.apeirogon-games.com/apeirogon_agreement.pdf
  2. TorQueMoD

    Peter Ryan aka TorQue[MoD]

    Yes, the whole site is a work in progress in terms of content. I don't really want to merge any of the pages since I'll just have to create them again in the future when the content becomes available, but thanks for the suggestion anyway. Yes, lighting is definitely something I need to work on I realize but thanks for bringing that to my attention again. I'm going to be working on some new maps soon for the MP project that I mention so I'll do my best to get the lighting looking a lot better. Also, just to mention, these maps are all at least a year old so hopefully my newer work will look better. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. TorQueMoD

    Peter Ryan aka TorQue[MoD]

    Hey all! So I finally decided to quit putting it off till later and I registered a domain and created a website for my portfolio! http://www.torquemod.com/ Here's a preview of some of my work: I'd love some feedback on what I'm showing so please, let me know what you think, good or bad!
  4. TorQueMoD

    A place to host your portfolio and a new community

    Thanks for the offer. Send me an e-mail to [email protected] and we can talk more. I think I've got most of the coding down, but its always nice to get help. I'm more of a garphic designer than a programmer.
  5. TorQueMoD

    A place to host your portfolio and a new community

    I'm debating on removing the frame from the site. I think I most likely will as it makes the site place better in search engines anyway. Thanks for pointing that out though. I work on a 22" screen so its a lot harder to guess as to how things will look on smaller screens.
  6. TorQueMoD

    A place to host your portfolio and a new community

    Thanks for the advice Shadow. An image based way to e-mail would be a great idea. I honestly wasn't thinking because I was up late putting everything together. As far as functionality of the site, I have no problem re-creating it in the future if it expands. For now, the current format works well enough but again thank you for your suggestions.
  7. TorQueMoD

    A place to host your portfolio and a new community

    You've got some beautiful work there Minotauro, I'd love to add your work to the list. All you need to do is fill out the application and provide me with some links to some zip files so I can take a look at them in game.
  8. Hey all! I registered the domain http://www.hl2list.com/ a few years back with the intention of creating a sort of review site for HL2 maps but never had the time for it. I've now decided to create a new website/community for level designers (of all engines) to have their portfolio hosted and to participate in community Projects and competitions like they do over on polycount. Right now the website is still in the alpha stage, but I'm trying to find designers who might want to add their works to the list. Take a look at the site, and if you think you'd like somewhere to post your portfolio and you'd like to be a part of the HL2 List community, please send in an application.
  9. Again, I'm not advocating that people cast their vote based solely on the fact that the conservatives are cutting new media funding. That would obviously be very stupid. I just wanted everyone to know about their initiative to remove the funding.
  10. Sending them an e-mail will only get me an answer as to why they're cutting the program. Its not going to prevent them from cutting it.
  11. I noticed. Again, I'm not trying to tell people who to vote for, I'm simply informing them of one of the Conservative's initiatives. I actually had no problem with the conservatives until I heard about this bill and since I was 1 month away from applying for the funding myself, its a little disheartening to find that they were trying to axe it completely.
  12. What are you talking about? The conservatives are the ones who initiated the bill to CUT New media funding. If they win, they WILL cut new media funding. Hence the stance of don't vote conservative.
  13. If this topic was about my political goals, I would have told people who to vote for. My only reason for starting this topic was to let everyone know that if you vote conservative, you're killing any chance of inde developers in Canada getting real support. I'm not even going to bother getting into a debate about the pros or cons of any particular party because that's not what this topic is for. If you think that a government that supports the industry you love (video games /new media)is important however, then the conservatives aren't who you should be voting for as they are the only party who want to cut the new media funding.
  14. you don't have to vote in the morning. You can even vote before the 14th if you can't make it in at the scheduled time.
  15. TorQueMoD

    Piracy is the great equalizer

    Piracy isn't a protest. You're not pirating because you're saying "fuck DRM" In fact if anything, the only people "protesting" are the ones who crack the software. Being an average joe who downloads their software after its cracked, isn't making a protest, its simply taking advantage of someone else's work or saying, I support them in their actions. But really, you're just cashing in on someone else's work and saying "great, now I can get it for free" Protesters don't work annonymously. A car bomber doesn't blow up a car and then shut up about it. They leave a message that says "I did it" to make their point.