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    Thank you, feedback is welcome con and pro
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    Download & Pictures: http://cs.gamebanana.com/maps/184750 Mapinfo: de_retrostation - Bomb/Defuse *** Contestmap: Journey to the Center of the Earth *** by Trempler ([email protected]) textures by trempler (most of them, check credit list for full info) models by trempler (most of them, check credit list for full info) sounds by vavle and www.freesound.org *** Enable r_detailtextures 1 *** *** r_detailtexturessupported 1 *** *** If you forget to do this the map is mostly white *** Have fun playing Story: The Retrostation is a secret laboratory located 1,500 miles deep in the ground. The Station is mostly empty because all research has finished and it acts more like a museum. Some terrorists have just entered the station, the counter-terrorists have no idea why and what they want there. So try to find out Full Credit list: de_retrostation by trempler ([email protected]) Thanks for everyone reading and playing this Credit List: Models: Thank you Totac for the forklift model. Thanks to the creators of the models named hllab_ wasnt able to find the real creators. And Myself for every model with tr_ Sounds: Thank you Vavle for halfe-life <3 Thank you freesound.org Thanks Marec for stevie-run sound Textures: Thanks CGtextures for a big help and inspiration Thanks to PhillipK for his Sci-fi Texturepack great inspiration! Thanks to Natural-Selection Team for some of the awesome pipe textures. Thanks to Halflife Gold Mod for the crate Textures. Sprites: Thanks whoever made the sprites, wasnt able to find a Name. Additional Credits Kaffikopp for the awesome trailer And thank everyone who supports me. Plz contact me if you use any of my created content. Or atleast credit me! -Trempler
  3. Some Texturework I did mostly from hand and on some textures a lil bit of PhillipK ScifiTextures Actual all textures are 512x512
  4. Hello everyone out there, I want to show you all a RTS game that I track for 1 month now @ moddb. If you are old as me or atleast intrested in good RTS games this one could be really fun in near/far future. It reminds me a lot to Netstorm, a game I played a lot when I was younger, great rts. All important information you will find here: ""Disciples of the Storm (DOTS) will be a unique, fast-paced, real-time, complex strategy game with elements of role playing. The game takes place on the world of Sonus, shattered by continuous war among the Tempests of Rain, Wind, and Thunder. The only refuge is on floating islands of the planet’s fractured crust, suspended in the winds of perpetual gales. As the High Priest of your tribe, you must align yourself with one of the Tempests to appease their lust for battle and gain their favor by sacrificing your enemies. Victory will grant you new technology and spells that will aid your tribe in ascending from the storm to the safe heavens above."" http://www.moddb.com/games/disciples-of-the-storm And dont forget to greenlight it if you like it too. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=294002132&searchtext=Disciples+Of+The+Storm ( I dont know the devs or the team but I love Netstorm and nearly all RTS games so I support what I like ) Merry Xmas, Trempler
  5. Bada boom Close Eyes Next Gen Junkys
  6. A Half-Life 1 Deathmatch map i´m working on.
  7. Nice warm feeling i would love to play some q3 again xD
  8. Looks okay for the start, to make it tileable isnt that hard when you learned the basics. Tipps for the texture: The big black "holes" around that leaves should be a transparent so you see the bricks still ( 50% ) try it out
  9. Thx D3ads nice to hear what could i add to the scene ? i think stuff is missing. And here some new pictures a lil bit better now Comments still welcome
  10. This is for my own Mod, Abyss 048 for Half-Life 1 http://www.moddb.com/mods/abyss-048 And thanks
  11. Still work in progress missing tons of details and lighting is ugly... but yeah i would like to get some feedback/critism too
  12. Yeah... i was messing around with PhillipK Scifi Textures and edited them a bit Too i created some by myown... Pipemodel ( Texture / Model by Myself ) Just for testings ofc Edit: Before people ask, this is halflife 1
  13. 100 Points. This is a scifi transport submarine
  14. Model made by Myself + Skin too, used a lot of PhillipK Textures but reworked them a lot =) Still credits to him ! Final Render by D.G.F. =) Hope you like it
  15. Holy Moly.... this looks cool you rock...dude Ohkay what about some new screens dark and scary ... hopefully... And ofc, this is hl1
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