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I always knew the vent had to go, because it was ugly, too long, and the areas it connected didn't really make sense for a vent to connect.

The glass wall blocking off the table area nerfs the spot a bit, as it's slower to get to cover.

Using a molotov is probably better than smoking off the window due to this.

There's a little electric box you can use to jump up into it.






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Workshop version and images updated!
Only real gameplay change is that the staircase in mid got deleted.
Results of timings test
~15 seconds to get onto A site through road entrance
~15 seconds to get onto A site if you go through the balcony thing where the Brush logo is
You can still get boosted up to where the staircase used to be, it takes about 8 seconds to get there and get boosted.
This makes the road entrance more desirable, as it is not insanely slow compared to mid anymore.


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