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  1. Jeez, it's been a while since I last made any update... But development on the map is not dead!!! I've been slaving away on this map for a Long time, and now it's time to finally show what I've done. I took the screenshots in hammer itself, but it'll still look pretty. So 2 Major things were changed! A ) I reworked the chokepoint at Bombsite A since I wasn't too happy with it because I lazily put it together and it all looked messy (it was the last part of the layout that was made) B ) I've done some detailing on a few parts and focused on it to really nail the theme that I wanted, and I believe it worked out nicely! Here's the re-worked chokepoint for Bombsite A: So it flows waaaay easier than the previous version, there's still the one-way drop in the last image, but everything is overall much better than before! If it's hard to imagine what the changes are layout-wise, here's the radar (bottom left portion) After the chokepoint was re-done, I worked on detailing a few spots on the map, and I'll let the images speak for themselves! T Spawn: CT Mid: Overall, I'm starting to get way better at detailing without sacrificing gameplay! Recently I realized that playing on this map was a little dull, so I've been working at trying to make it fun, and the update at Bombsite A is the result of it! P.S. the new assets are from FMPONE's de_santorini (they work really well with this map =-])
  2. loving this so far, can't wait for more =-]
  3. mine is actually very close to that 0 341 0 / -35 / 213 200 223 38 / 78 87 126 25 guess I gotta bump up the ambience
  4. Alright fellas, it's been too long. W a a a y too long without a new update. The map looks completely unrecognizable (for the better). The lighting has been fixed, now emitting a cool cyan/purple glow throughout the map, instead of the blinding pink (no idea what I was thinking when I made that). 1 last thing before showing you all the screenshots, I usually test on the fast compile, meaning lights aren't as powerful. So when I compiled with HDR, the lights may be a lot brighter than I intended... But shouldn't really affect things! So here ya go. So a bunch has changed, hopefully these lovely screenshots will encourage you to test this map out =-] oh, and how could I forget? Here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1802024714
  5. So I'm working on the lighting issue, and I believe I have made some great improvements! but before I go fix the entire map, I worked on one spot to see if it would look good. Gotta say, I'm liking it! So I made one spot with a very clear and nice cyan color, while one part is that a e s t h e t i c deep purple color (combined with some detailing)! Should I continue using this combination? I think it's a lovely fit! =-]
  6. yea, im fully aware of the lighting issue, it'll be fixed upon the next big update
  7. Realizing that it's been some time since the last update, just making a little one to wrap up some concerns. - Yup, I've done some rework on the lighting so it isn't burning your eyes out. (Always make sure the lighting looks good in a normal compile instead of the fast option) - The Radar is fixed after some odd bug messed it up slightly Radar: - And I've detailed 2 parts of the map so I can get an idea of how the map will look and feel Chokepoint at B: Chokepoint at A (I'm too lazy to compile the map and wait 2 hours to get a few screenshots): So not that exciting of an update... ... But! The workshop version of the map will be updated very soon, so you all can play without getting your eyes burnt by the lights! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1802024714 Here's the workshop =-]
  8. Gotta say, this one is gonna be somethin' special. =-]
  9. yea...the final compile I did had the lights shine WAY brighter than the fast compile i use 99% of the time. I'll have it scaled down a lot by tomorrow.
  10. Just found a quick tutorial (an absolute miracle), and was able pack up the models. Hopefully it's fixed now!
  11. Alright guys and gals, the time has come... de_Vice is now up and ready to be tested! I realized that I had spent more than a month making this beautiful thing, and I've been waiting for this day to proudly announce it's arrival! Here ya go, a gift from me: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1802024714 No, go ahead. It's for you. couple of pretty screenshots: now I sit back and R E L A X ... p.s Custom Tree Models made by catfood (good guy) =-]
  12. What a goofy week I've had, which was mostly spent on this silly map. So after all this time, the main layout is finally complete! After listening to the many hits of Phil Collins, I had a great idea for a Bombsite B, and everything else fell into place. straight to the point, look at these screenshots I took of the new bombsite + T spawn (don't worry, CT spawn is made) Radar: Bombsite B: Quick snippet of T spawn: So after a month of working, the map is Almost ready to be sent to the workshop! I just have many many bugs to fix... mostly with the radar. The map will most likely be posted within the next couple of days =-]
  13. Jeez...had no Idea that color correction was a thing...This changes everything! this is way better than just spamming lights! Thanks for the tip, buddy. =-]
  14. Hallelujah, an actual update! I gotta say, i'm quite impressed with my self about this one. Update #3, Bombsite A Production on this one was weird, I spent hours on end staring at the screen planning out on what I should do, trying several layouts that just didn't satisfy me. Then out of no where, while listening to the popular hits of the 80's, an idea popped into my head. I couldn't let this one disappear, so I built the main layout of Bombsite A in a 10 minute burst of energy! Cathartic? Yes. I sit back and view at what I made, and this is what I got: Bombsite A itself: Terrorist Route to Bombsite A: "Mid House" to Bombsite A: Radar Overview (unpolished) (full of menacing trees) (unprofessional) : So after an intense workout of my two hands, Bombsite A is crafted. Now that leaves Bombsite B, which already has a lovely route in progress! Mid to Bombsite B route: So that wraps up Update #3, I need some sleep...
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