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  1. Have a really hard time with scale of obejects. Not sure how much effort I should put into it before playtest.. This area play well, but dosent look to good Think it will be great after some custom textures later on
  2. Have never done a map before, so let´s see where this ends.. Map: De_Inkali Place/texture: Inca tempel + construction site Layout inspiration: Aztec and Overpass. Layout arrangement: A map there CT can push up really far (like overpass), but have a hard time to hold it from there. If you loses ground elsewhere, you have to move back. Props/texture: I don´t know how to do props, so I will use old Aztec props and texture. I will make my own when i´m sure about the layout. Things I want to exist in the level: Aztec bridge (with water under, so if you fall.. You die) Aztec ball court (Mesoamerican ballgame) And much much more. Goal: Top 5 First sneek peek off mid.
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