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  1. Hello Niflheim! I have been running around on your map, and can see that you are good at what you are doing All "elememts/rooms" are cool, but I think they do not fit together that well (as a competitive cs:go map). Short feedback: -Not sure what's up with the small boxes, does not fill any purpose. -The mid "room" (the first picture) is GREAT! And I would like to have a bomt-site played around it. But there are too many corridors leading there. Mayby block off "upper CT-main"? -To be honest. A site (and everything around) is a
  2. I ran around a time on this map and I got to say that it´s HUGE! And it's a maze. I don't know how it plays in a 5v5, but it feels like AWP would be overpower, and retake is impossible. Things that I like: The 2 stairs "connector". Everything here is to big/high, but I like the idea. The "slope" to the bombsite. But T need more space to "jump down". Now they jump in with there heads in the ceiling. T-Spawn and how you run into the base. Things that need to change before a playtest: Change to floor to concrete. Make the map smaller. Make the bomb-s
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