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  1. Each time i use tar to make layout, the top part becomes stretched, why does this happen? I use default settings, i am able to avoid this problem by placing a block in the up part of the map, outside of the playable area. I am a beginner mapper, i dont know a lot of the things, that is why i ask.
  2. Very nice map so far I think i have no chance in this years competition (gonna try anyways).
  3. A (very) work in progress map, no height differences or prop locations are shown. The map is set in a snowy factory. Will be updating the layout. I am a beginner mapper, dont expect much.
  4. Hi, i'm a new mapper from finland, i have never made actually finished map so my skills are not too good. I started 3 months ago mapping and have made constant progress after it. I'm here to get help in my mapping "journey" and I might be participating in the mapcore contest (Who knows :)).
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