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  1. The layout is not complete, but I am happy about the progress. Also I decided to name this map cs_kiwano. Kiwano is an exotic fruit. Am I weird ? I am going to release the Alfa version on workshop when the basic layout will be completed.
  2. I love the vibe of it! Definitly great visual potencial.
  3. 5K reference photos, that is next level bro It is gonna definitly help you later with detailing. The visual aspect of this map has great potencial, just don't get caried away with it and focus on the layout of the map in deph first and I think that you can create very strong entry into this competition, as well as great map outside of this competition. I am definitly excited about the future of this map and I will keep an eye on it.
  4. Definitely unique, I am very excited about this project and I will keep and eye on it!
  5. Thanks dude! The name sounds interesting, I am not sure yet about it, I was looking at the names of exo planets and characters from mythology. I guess I will decide later down the development, so it fits the map.
  6. So I started working on the old mine. Everything is going smoothly, but I already learned so much from this project. I have made a few maps in the past and I will highly recommend trying completly different style of maps, than you have experience with. Because it is these projects that learn you the most. p.s. the layout is maybe 40% different than in the scatch in the 1st post.
  7. may be a little like this... Since it will be mostly set outside in nature, the detailing will be very different than maps I worked on in the past. The brushes dont represent the geometry of the surroundings very well. I will most likely just block out the layout with dev textures, then overlay them with props and disable the brushes into vis group (for backup).
  8. I am working on my own on a hostage rescue map. The first version of the map layout was made up in my mind. I already started building it in hammer. As I learned from previous projects, the layout may be completly different at the end. I will post my progress whenever I feel like it. Here is my "planning board" for the project. Btw my drawing skills did not much improved since kindergarten.
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