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  1. SuicidalFennec

    [CS:GO] Retail

    This looks super promising! Do you have a workshop download yet? I am very eager to check out the map in game! :3
  2. SuicidalFennec

    Firenze {WIP}

    A workshop link would be awesome. ;w; VVV I dunno if I linked it correctly but if I did this link should lead to your submission. VVV https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1290876919&searchtext=firenze I left a long comment on the workshop about your map. So yeah... my thoughts are there.
  3. DUDE!!!!! I'M GONNA ACTUALLY FINISH!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the due date is the day before my birthday. ;w;/ Wish everyone luck with all this time now, I will try my best! -w-
  4. SuicidalFennec

    [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    So I still don't have a greybox done, tbh I don't think I will finish this map in time. I've bounced around between so many ideas that it's actually ridiculous to think my original idea was a defuse map set in a research lab that was near a waterfall. Now I'm working on a hostage map set in Manarola Italy that features an original layout unlike anything seen before (or at least I've seen before), hopefully I finish a greybox within a few days, even if it's just one area I will still share it with you. This city has given me so much inspiration from the pictures alone so this might not be much, but I hope you get inspired to. Updates coming soon, laterz.
  5. SuicidalFennec

    [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    So it's been a while, I got a new profile pic, had tons of time to think about where in going with this project, and I've learned a lot more about sdk. I'm kind of abandoning the idea of a defuse map because there are already great defuse maps from both the community and valve, but hostage maps. They suck but they have so much potential. I can't post much rn because I'm at school, but I'm working on a hostage rescue map set in a club. I think it's got tons of potential. Hopefully when I post pics you will to.
  6. SuicidalFennec

    [WIP] de_bridge

    You're already on the right track by entering the competition dude! I can't view the map but I suggest adding nodraw on surfaces that can't be seen by players in game. It's a good way for others to see what is and isn't playable area. I wish you luck and hope you'll go far in the competition. ;w;
  7. SuicidalFennec


    Hey Noodle King, I've seen a lot of people comment about how you're map takes place in a weird setting and that you mix and match props from maps into yours and the result is a great looking map but a poor theme. I'm here to recommend a different solution to your problem. You could try to make a place up, invent a location that doesn't exist but utilize props in a way that it makes it feel like a real place. There's nothing wrong with borrowing props, everyone does it to some degree. The problem is not thinking about the world and what purpose your prop has in it. Just another solution to the problem you're facing, also it doesn't bother me personally that the theme of the map is all over. To me, it's more important how the map plays than how it looks. Good luck on your map, ty for your feedback on mine, and I hope you are able to improve the map from my feedback.
  8. SuicidalFennec


    This map looks so cool even in dev textures. ;w; Good luck and I hope you're able to play test the layout soon to see if it plays as well as it looks!
  9. SuicidalFennec

    [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    Thank you guys for commenting so quickly on what I said. It's cool to see the same thing from different perspectives, especially a 1.6 pros perspective. (Thank you grapen!!!) Also from a more casual perspective. (Thank you blackdog!) In my case I was the outsider's perspective. I've only played the map a handful of times and I am only silver 2 (rip ;A;), so strategy and high level play wasn't too present. In fact, in my experiences the map was also CT sided, but much more even than 15-0 halves. From what I remember one of my favorite games was on Aztec! I hadn't learned what maps were competitive and I hadn't learned any and my friends (who had played the game for years now) wanted me to play every map once so I had a basic understanding of each map's layout. Eventually we got Aztec and I remember having some fun moments just because of how the map was set up. Due to the layout we rushed every round, I had just begun to understand the cyka blyat rush b strat, it was incredibly fun. My most fondest memory was a 1v2 clutch I did on the bridge. Mainly because it was a knife fight, and also because I won because I jumped down and the one guy died of fall damage and I backstabbed the other mid air. I felt so cool. -w- Anyways! The map is hugely ct sided at a competitive level. T's have a hard time rotating from A to B, the chokepoints all favor CT's, A site is impossible to breach, B site is too open for T's to push safely, but the map has some cool features. Like the drawbridge and water. Those are my two favorite areas from just how cool they look and feel when you play. The feeling of jumping off to avoid dying to a guarding CT is awesome... until you have to get back up to the bridge which takes a while. In practice it's not that great, but the feeling is still there! I am trying super hard to design an inspired layout from Aztec's. One that borrows what is clever and fixes the rest. Aztec is heavily flawed. Many found it worse than Nuke before it's remake! (That's really saying something) I still have a special place in my heart for the map, it's part of CS's history. And since remakes aren't allowed in the contest (and also because a ton of great remakes have already been done, I'll make a new layout. In fact I already have! (Have a sneak peek at the blueprints because that's the whole point of this forum). (Also thank you guys for the kind words, it means a lot that I'm actually getting support on my map despite being so unprofessional in how I'm making and presenting it.) ((It took me 3 hours to write this and finish the layout. ;-;)) (You responded while I responded so I didn't see the response you responded before posting my response I responded with. ;A;) I had seriously struggled with being original for a while until I read David Johnston's blog about the making of Dust2 and he even said himself that a lot of copying goes on in map making. He started with ideas from other maps and made them into a reality. Some of the ideas came from his previous projects! Also I'm not gonna make a copy of reef theme or gameplay wise. It's a pretty cool map to look at but I personally haven't played a game on it. Plus it doesn't really have the layout I'm thinking of so for now it's just gonna be used for inspiration for the art style of my map. Thanks for responding again Noodle King, you're still awesome. uwu
  10. SuicidalFennec

    [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    This map is so pretty. Thank you for telling me about it Noodle King, kind of makes me realize that the theme I want isn't very original. But from an artists standpoint it's pretty alright cause like. Just imagine you are a T and or a CT and you just spawned into the round. You pause in the buytime and take a moment to turn around and see the ocean or the beach. It'd be so cool! I'm still working on a layout but I stumbled upon some interesting info. Since I joined CS:GO first I had zero idea previous cs games existed. It's cool to see how popularity in maps is kind of the same as it is now. Except for Aztec! It was incredibly popular in 1.6 and was almost as popular as dust2 at one point (From what I've read), and in my opinion Aztec has a cool layout that has a lot of flaws that make it more Ct sided than Nuke before it's rework. I'm gonna look into why they map was so loved by many before CS:GO and why it's fallen to one of the least played maps now. I'll post more about what I find later, but if I did make a map similar to Aztec's layout it wouldn't be too hard to mesh my theme with it. Well at least I don't think it would be. I alrealdy have loads of ideas of locals and places the teams will visit on their trip around the battlefield. That's it for "mapping" at least. Btw I finally got a profile picture, it's a stuffed animal that looks like a fox. I took a picture of it real close because I didn't want the background to show. I'm pretty official now. -w- ye. Also there are so many cool entries into the competition, it's kind of daunting because I'm new to mapping and just learned how to use sdk. Like Zelstorm is making studio and 3 people are making Avalanche. Another awesome one was Manor, it looks so amazing. Not much info on Pit but it looks interesting and I will totally keep up with it because I am hyped. All in all, there are some pretty great maps in this contest. That's from both a map design and aesthetic stance. So yeah, if I'm actually gonna win I have to try really hard. All these people are so professional to in how they present updates. Unlike me. -w- I still use emoticons so, it's not hard to be more professional than me. Sorry for not posting any new content about the map (again), hope you'll still read my posts anyways until I get back to my computer and can start mapping again. Laterz. (For anyone I mentioned, you're p cool uwu) ((For anyone I didn't mention, you're also cool owo))
  11. SuicidalFennec

    [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    About the spawns, I placed them on the page before I drew the actual pathways and focused on Ct more than t. That's why t spawn is so far away. It won't be that far out in the final version. Kk now that I addressed my first reply (ty Roy ;w;) I am happy to report my most recent developments. First off I am unable to actually make the map for another week or so, so I can only give sketches of what I hope to achieve for now. Also I recently visited a port city, Mallaig and it was so pretty that I kind of wanted to change the theme to a city on the coast with a large lighthouse that can be seen all over the map. I still hope to add a waterfall (probs in the background now cause it's not really the focus of the map snymore) but I need to focus on gameplay rn. I've developed an altered layout, it takes inspiration from the first and it's much simpler in my opinion, my notebook isn't big enough to accurately represent the idea I have so I'm gonna buy some printer paper and draw it on there so that you can get a better picture of what I see. I don't want to just leave you with another text only update, but I don't have anything physical to show you rn. I'm on top of a mountain and it's raining hard and the fog is obstructing the view, so here's a pic of that. I still find it really pretty. (Rains my favorite weather) so that's my "update" for now, hope to post more soon. Laterz.
  12. SuicidalFennec

    [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    Wow am I great at meeting deadlines. The reason I wanted to get the greybox of this map done quickly was so that I would have made progress on it before my family went on vacation. So yeah, I'm currently at an airport flying to our next destination and I don't get back to my computer until August 8th. Then school starts back up for me the week after that. ;w; I'm not gonna give up, in my eyes it just adds to the number of things I need to overcome as a mapper in order to win/place in this contest. I kind of started over because my map was going nowhere. I had the largest creative block I have ever had and yesterday it ended. I was finally able to sketch a layout that was unique and original and felt like it would be fun to play. I'm gonna clean up the sketch and post a better version of it so that it's clear what's actually going on in the photo because rn... lets just say it's a mess. It makes sense to me though. :/ Hopefuly I will make more progress in this map and I wish you all the best of luck. Aside I'm TOTALLY in this contest finally. It just took 3 weeks of me going Ughhh. So yeah, laterz.
  13. SuicidalFennec

    [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    UPDATE: The theme is more finalized! The Terrorists are aiming to blow up a research facility that is situated above a waterfall on the mountain side. The scientists use the waterfall to power their facility and the Terrorists aim for areas that disable their power. The bombsites are a generator room (where the moving water is made into power) and an indoor waterfall. These areas make sense from a thematic standpoint and also are drastically different which will help player distinguish each site easily. As for the game play side of the situation here is what I've decided. The map will have a little bit of vertical game play. Nothing on the scale of de_Gwalior, but the map will feature different elevations around the bombsites to make the game play more diverse, unique, and interesting. Mid will be large and vital for T's to hold. I want mid to be contested by both sides, but I want it so that T's will have an easier time getting and maintaining control of it. Mid will be very helpful in successful site takes as you can easily set up smokes from the mid area to the sites via windows that can be broken. (Kind of like Cache's B site/outdoors window but on a larger scale ;w;) Mid will be mostly outside with a entrance for the T team and the CT team. It's gonna be simple, useful, beautiful after I add a bunch of nature to it (but not to much because I want the map to have amazing readability), and fun! I am working on the first gray box version right now and I will hopefully have it out by Tuesday (I'm busy Sunday ;-; rip). Here's some other game play notes in bullet points *A SITE -Outdoors -Large And Open -Four Entrances -Lots Of Nature To Make It Beautiful ;w; (I love nature too much ;-;) *B SITE -Indoors -Small And Compact -Favors SMG's And Shotguns -More Mechanical Surrounding *Easter Egg In The Map? -A call out named Fizzy (I will make it work somehow! ;w;) Thanks for reading this update and I can't wait to share it with you guys! Tbh it's my first ever competition and I usually have great ideas but I easily give up on them because they aren't working out well fast enough, but this competition somehow makes me work slower and more calmer. It's weird. But I like it. ALSO!!!! Does anyone want to play test the map with me Thursday at around 9:00 P.M? I kind of am low on friends that play CSGO, I aim for having at least 6 people (so it's a 3v3), but if I had 10 people it'd be awesome. ;w; Love ya guys and thanks for following this project. Laterz.
  14. SuicidalFennec

    [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    (The contest started a month ago and nobody told me!!!!! ;A; ) de_subject will be the first map I ever finish beyond a gray box phase. The map will have a traditional layout (4 square layout) and will thematically be closest to de_season. The map itself is set in a laboratory like place that also features a very minimalist style. I'll post more info in the future because I literally just came up with this idea and have nooooooooooo clue on the bombsites or spawns or really anything, but I'll figure it out somehow. Laterz. (I'll edit a link in here when I actually make the map .-.)