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  1. Odin

    de_bloc [CS:GO] A Map in Progress

    As promised, here is a shot of Long A, the approach from T spawn and the new branch off to connector after some filling out. Had a weird issue with the computer I was using while on vacation that crashed hammer whenever the world model browser was opened. Now that I'm off that decrepit old thing I can start messing around with some models. Folks we are starting to get windows on these plain brick buildings (yay!) Sorry for lower image quality.
  2. Odin

    de_bloc [CS:GO] A Map in Progress

    Phew, got a lot done yesterday filling out the approach to A and CT spawn area, spent a half hour 1v1 with a Bot and I think this mid dynamic has a lot of potential. Screenshots to come.
  3. Odin

    de_bloc [CS:GO] A Map in Progress

    Here is a possible solution. The grey concrete building has been moved off to the side and replaced with this one. Perhaps the incorporation of modern architecture can been managed with buildings that retain the brick visual but as a facade instead of the historic buildings in which much of the outer visual appearance is driven by practicality. Just as flying buttresses are beautiful, they exist as an engineering solution. These new buildings get their structural integrity from modern materials such as steel beam and reinforced concrete, then cover with a non structural facade, or skin, reflecting a more desirable out visual appearance.
  4. Odin

    de_bloc [CS:GO] A Map in Progress

    The grey concrete building at the right hand top of mid proposes a dilemma. As I said the main inspiration is brick masonry, I love the character it lends with its intricate trim and facia. The concrete building is more modern and I thought it might help in establishing a sense of the time in this map. Realistically, modern cities retain much of their historic buildings and architecture but are ussualy interspersed with newer buildings and you can often see an evolution of style when you visit these places in real life. But I can't help feeling that it detracts from the theme. Perhaps this modern style does belong in the map and the issue currently is simply the placement within the level. Any thoughts?
  5. Odin

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    It would be nice to see a community server that ran a rotation of ar_ sk_ and demolition maps. I think these gamemodes are fun and beneficial to the design community being that they are smaller, allowing for quicker development, and a good way to explore a concept without having to make a full-sized map.
  6. Odin

    de_bloc [CS:GO] A Map in Progress

    De_Bloc (name not final) will be my first full scale map for CS:GO intended for public release. For the last 10 years I've worked on many single player mods for HL2 as well as maps for DOD and DOD:S but never anything this serious for CS:GO. The functional objective of this project is of course a well balanced, competitively aimed, map. I drew my layout inspiration from Dust2, modifying the traditional 4 square method to allow for more rotation options specifically for Terrorists. A long and site play a lot like Dust 2 except that Terrorists pushing up Long can choose to branch off toward CT spawn and either Continue to B site or pinch A site from this new path. Part of this approach included the creation of a secondary pseudo-mid that runs parallel to the mid corridor and allows for quick rotation from mid to B main. To balance this I may choose to make the approach into B site more restrictive, giving the Counter Terrorists a strong "camper's advantage". I think this may prove interesting for eco-rounds. Aesthetically speaking, the map is inspired by classic urban brick masonry. I want the map to have a strong sense of place. Some maps do this very well, de_Inferno for instance is very immersive and the architecture is believably a monastery or small town, dare I say in Tuscany? However, other maps I feel do not achieve this effect. De_Cache is a great map, functionally it's a triumph, however rudimentary inspection raises questions about the map's sense of place. It's been said that real life locations rarely make good maps, that is, that our real world is designed to serve its functional purpose, not aligned with the functional purpose of a Counter Strike map. Thus map makers must be careful to add non-gameplay related architecture and detail to their maps that give a visual explanation for essential gameplay related elements. Why is that wall attached to that building? It separates a courtyard garden from the main apartment building. Why is this catwalk attached to this building? It allows access to the upper levels of machinery room. What we want to avoid is the player noticing paradoxes in our design. Why is there a car here but no road? How did the SWAT truck get into the map when the access tunnel is clearly too small? Not to pick on Cache, but why is that catwalk at A Site even there? a good example of an essential and well thought our gameplay element that failed to provide a visual justification for its existence. Now, I'm not picking of Cache, its a wonderful map and in my top 3 list. I used it as an example because it contrasts my own goals. Cache was built with functionality being the glory of the map, and it's arguably one of the best arena/pub styled maps I've ever seen. Inferno was built with more emphasis of visuals and aesthetics. My aim is to build an Inferno that plays like a Cache. Here are some screenshots of the map with about 3 days of work in. I've included pictures of the brushed-in layout map that I'm using for bot playtesting and CP timing adjustments, as well as the first architectural build of the main mid area. Please note that this is all brushwork and very little attention to texturing and lighting, I'm using it as concept reference. Hope to be getting a playable dev version finalized in the next week up on workshop. Let me know what you think, all feedback is appreciated. I will continue to update this project in this thread.