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  1. de_asylum

    Thanks for the feedback. -I have playtested the map a few times, but this version of the layout was not. The most recent change was the connection from mid to A. That is the reason it ends in a "weird" way, there was an idea to change it to the way it is here, but I couldn't actually test it. Here is a radar view of the earlier version. -Long A is long, but CTs don't have a lot of cover, I think they can get slowly pushed back to site by the Ts with the use of grenades. Short A and Long A work together to give alternative routes to the site with shorter and longer fire ranges. It is a flank heavy map, so both teams need to be aware of that, either commit to a push or slowly retreat to safer positions. But, maybe different angles from the entrances to A are not worth the utility? (do you think they are not rewarding for a split A?) -Back to mid, as I mentioned, it was changed recently and I couldn't playtest it. It is a very risky path for the Ts to got up the ladder, but they can split both A and B site from the back, it is also very powerful. I need to playtest this layout, but one idea is to connect ladder to B and change/remove alternate mid and the second entrance to B. It is a big change an would make the layout more "standard". -It is and interesting idea to change the CTs entrances to B and also connecting them with lower mid. Similar to an idea I had, but more dynamic I think it is worth a test.
  2. de_asylum

    Thank you! I agree that there is a lot of potential for detail, and specially due to the whole map happening around one main, big, building of similar texture, it is good to have some variation on the patterns. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to do everything I wanted. It is definitely something I want to take a closer look after the competition. I appreciate your feedback!
  3. de_asylum

    Hello everyone! This is my entry for the contest, a 5v5 competitive bomb defusal map. It is set around an abandoned Victorian Lunatic Asylum in the UK. Screenshots: Steam Workshop Link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864761519 I intend to keep improving the map after the contest, and would appreciate your opinion and feedback!