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  1. Practical Problems


    It's my regret to inform you all that Avalanche will not be making the submission deadline. The map is in a nasty, unoptimized, buggy state, as artpass has been crammed in. There is simply not enough new content or art to submit for this contest, and no time to even make submitting a workshop version plausible. I blame this mostly on myself; up until these last two months I worked very slowly and with a lack of real dedication. We will continue to work on this map, but it's not going to be a part of this mapping competition in its current state. I hope someday we finish this map - properly. We're sorry.
  2. Practical Problems


    It's finally complete! A Site just got prettier.
  3. Practical Problems


    This ski resort hosts the wonderful frostBITE restaurant, an international tourist destination filled with world-class cuisine and stunning views. (Did that sound good? I hope? I don't know, I'm coming up with this on the spot. Anyways, here's some branded art of theirs )
  4. Practical Problems


    I've modeled a gondola for the bombsite. Please note that it is not very optimized and the interior is not yet done, mostly due to time constraints -- I had to get a version in-game before playtest! Here's a render, although the model is already in-engine.
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