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  1. This will be a defusal map played out in a small Croatian town located by the Adriatic sea. The name has not yet been decided. Layout I will be trying a different approach to the standard A-Mid-B lanes by adding an extra route to A/B for each team parallel to mid, kinda making this a five-lane map. It does sound a bit weird when put like that, but we'll see if it works. Theme and mood I'm going for a polished, clean and somewhat romantic look. Most buildings will be old and made of white/bright stone which should help with player model / background contrast. Expect many plants and flowers to add some color to the otherwise mostly white map. I like to make visually interesting scenes and will put much effort into framing the different sight lines and viewing spots. Problems and challenges - The layout is a bit unorthodox and might require a lot of tuning. - I'm planning to make a lot of custom/advanced textures which will require time to photograph/edit. - I have done 3D-modelling previously but not imported to or made it work for source. Progress and current status - (Updated on June 2nd) Inital planning Reference gathering Greyboxing - Finished initial layout and optimization preparation - timings seem promising. Working on limiting sniper advantages in some areas. Initial playtesting Look into how many models and textures will need to be made Photograph for textures Modelling .... Overview and pictures will be added soon!
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