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    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    But i have a small suggestion however in one of the rooms where you got a dangly lamp clip hanging quite far down from the ceiling, yes i know its not the end of the world but just hear me out: as a compromise for removing the light you could cut up that cailing like i drew up (badly) in photoshop just to convey my idéa, 3 windows exist above & could be opened up for Flashes etc Obviously the hole can be whatever size you make it, i just illustrated a small one to save some time. The insides could be expanded on to allow people jumping around more freely without hitting clips from time to time which results in more than just an illusion of extra space but actually expands it on the inside parts of the level for our enjoyment while still staying lit the same with that cozy and memorable town feeling over the industrial lamp. Considering it is not the HUGEST map i bet you can afford some extra geometry on the inside even if 1 lamp model is still more efficient haha If 1 window or more ever open the grenades could start raining down lol...might not be very useful but just a bonus i "threw in here" Or alternatively just raise that Light up flush with the beam!
  2. RadimaX

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    i played office like 18 years ago to present time & Agency from whenever it came out first time around till pretty much now, but from all those times i still feel Austria both look and play superior! One part inside had very little going on but cannot put my finger on it really so i just edited the picture slightly so you can see what i mean, always felt i wanted more of that nice variation: I know you keep it bright inside for clear visibility but that does not have to mean 100% same texture all the way around, ofc not saying red/blue walls like nuke but a TINY change like this? Players can still stand out clear as day while simultaneously bringing some of the reoccuring textures from the outside of the map just play around with your imagination to give it more "flavour"
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    Spawned as CT instead and just now saw the upper room with panels simplified in a clever way left/right way instead usually there was all glass + you now have cover in the middle Panel: Trust me i will play this map a thousand times more, seeing how it is back and everything plus happy it gets optimized, just had a quick death match to get a feel for it now when i saw this! Just saw a 2014 video from the past around and above B-bomb spot have improved heaps over time making for an even more realistic location with all the round fish tanks WELL DONE
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    I noticed playing Zoo that 2 information-panels was removed from B, they ware by far the best "feature" if you will, I loved jumping over the edge on both teams just shotgunning up close! Looks a bit empty but understandable it was to cluttered or extra angles to hold both lanes + people like me jumping around somewhere in between
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    great looking map, a bit of clip still poking out along this wall making you stuck running one way along it, possibly drag up the clip up to that gray trim? Jumping from the flowerpot in this room you can randomly stand floating mid-air and along that arch and halfway floating on random parts. There is part of the clip sticking out near this location making you collide if trying to jump along the door side of it retract it a couple of units so clip is flush with the geometry of the wall: in this same location just to the right of that poking out clip there is a window you pretty much become invisible if you crouch inside consider a clip covering the hole for the window: This one is similar to the previous and adds an unfair hiding advantage so definitely just a tiny clip in the corner so players cannot hide around rather than engaging in a fight on the map:
  6. RadimaX

    [WIP] de_biome

    in this spot the the weapons falls trough the map at the bottom edge of the gate and if people die or nades roll off the map you cannot save them for next round, haven't tried with the C4 yet:
  7. RadimaX

    [CS:GO] Thrill

    i think it looks like texture is missing or loading still because it is so dark its almost out of place compared to the rest of the map and don't blend in until it has a much lighter shade:
  8. dont know if anyone said this but machinery room below deck looks all too gray, thrown in some color in the mix or warning stripes etc. see how it looks even if its a fancy boat and all haha
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    saw this hole in the stairs today while playing:
  10. RadimaX


    played it on 3kliksphilip server, found slight nontexture beam over a decal saying B-> near T spawn not sure since first time playing it: http://i.imgur.com/gKuNcLt.png
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