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  1. Looks great Vaya! Looking forward to the next update
  2. We could have a co-op themed contest with any games and platforms permitted, such as L4D2, CS:GO, UE4 etc. It could be cool so see what ideas people bring to the table when there are so many possibilities on many different games/engines.
  3. gleddez

    What I'm Working On

    Hey, so I ran around this for about 15 minutes and I found it quite interesting. Sorry for the image quality, I was on my laptop where I have to play 800 x 600 for CS to be playable. So, firstly, I'm not a fan of this angle. Timings work out so CTs can get to this spot and watch any T who passes that window. An awper can get an easy pick and fall back into the cover of the crate, then repeat. Speaking of the window, it seems a bit odd to have it on-route to the door. One benefit of a door is it's element of suprise, so if a T on his way to the door is visible by the rest of the site, then when he/she opens the door, they are at a disadvantage against the CTs. Also, I'm unsure about how the pit in A Site will play out. A CT playing there has a lack of cover and no exit other than exposing themselves to the entire site. A molly would render it completely useless. Going off of what you said here... ...Perhaps you could link the bottom of the pit to another area near the site. Example: Lastly, I'm curious as to what what purpose the double doors have? I'm worried that they may just hinder mobility. Overall, I like the map. It's very unique, which is always a bonus. Everthing I've said is just speculation, though. Playtesting will probably prove me wrong. Good luck!
  4. gleddez

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    This looks really nice, I'll have to check this out on the Workshop. Where is the setting? Didn't Shipped, like, just get released? Do you ever take breaks? Good stuff!
  5. Hey! First of all, thank you for this great feedback, it's incredibly helpful. I'm glad you like the map so far. I've actually re-hauled B since V3 as feedback I got from several people was that it didn't play too well. I hope you like the new one better when I update it, which I'll do soon. As for your other points, I'll address them one by one: - Lots of people gave this response about the house/hut thing, and I'm glad to say it is completely gone in B Site's newest version. - Many people have said that the room outside B has no real purpose, and I do agree. In the newest version, it will provide another entrance into B Site through a squeaky door (may sound weird, I know, but I have changed B drastically, and I think this has potential in the newest version). At least the room now has a stronger purpose! - I'm planning on giving CTs more cover in mid, as I think that box alone is not enough, and it is, I think, too T-Sided. - I'm probably going to remove Droproom altogether as well. I was hoping it would provide a way for CTs to flank, as well as give the height variation in ramps a real purpose, but I agree that it would make it maybe too easy for Ts to take A Connector. Given how close it is to A Main as well, if Terrorists making a Mid and A split had failed at taking Mid, it may have been an overpowered flank. - Could you be more specific on why the window isn't so good? It's currently still there in the newest version of B, but I'm unsure how I feel about it at the moment. - I'd received similar feedback from a friend of mine about how the cover at the back of A Site may be unnecessary, and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but I will definitely ask others for feedback and look into it more, and I'm happy to change it if need be. - The balcony was very much an experiment, and I hoped it would come into play during retakes and provide some strategic play from elevated heights. I would quite like to have another entrance into A from there (potentially un-elevated, like you said), and will make it so that you retaking CTs can make it to the room where stairs is/was without being exposed to A Site. - I'm 100% with you on those clipped areas, but I've been forgetful and haven't gotten around to it during updates. I need to always write things down! That covers it just about, I hope, and to be honest I'm with you overall. Thanks again for all these great suggestions, I'll try and get the update out soon! I'm busy tomorrow, but I'll probably put in several hours on Sunday. Thanks!
  6. I'm back with another update to this map. The MapCore playtest (big thanks to Terri!) provided some useful feedback about V2. I'll give a summary about the changes I made in response to the feedback I got. The general consensus was that holding sites as a CT was quite difficult and that Mid was T-Sided. Bear in mind that V2 of the map was what was playtested, however I never posted about it here, so the feedback was not in response to V1 of the map that I talk about in the first post, and I'm now onto V3 as I updated it in response to feedback. This is a summary of the major changes. Changes in V2 - Reworked Mid - Raised the height of Connector - Removed the two white crates at A Site and replaced it with a platform - Added Pit at A Site - Made adjustments to Ramps - Adjusted spawns so there are now 16 spawns on each side Changes in V3 - Removed Pit from A and replaced it with cover - Added Balcony on A - Added another crate at A - Increased the size of the corridor connecting CT Spawn and A - Increased the height of the wall on Platform so that you can no longer peek into Mid - Added another crate at B - Removed a crate from Mid - Added Droproom connecting ramps and mid These changes mean pretty much nothing to you without screenshots or the map itself. The workshop version is here, although the images on the workshop page are not up-to-date: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=803379687 I do however have the radar overview for V3, but I haven't made it look all nice yet like it is for V1 above. I'll get round to editing it and I'll update this post when I do. EDIT: Added the new radar image. I'll leave the old one in for comparison. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  7. gleddez

    [WIP] de_canaveral

    Oh man, you've gotten me hyped! I wanna test this, don't be too long!
  8. That heatmap thing is so cool!
  9. So today I spent a good two hours on the radar. It was a pain because many of the ramps in the maps wouldn't appear in the radar overview when I'd lined it up, so I had to take 6-7 screenshots at different co-ordinates where the ramps appeared and edit them in, then blur them in so it looked smooth. Anyway, it's done, and I tried to make it look good. Also, I don't know if I need to use PakRat or anything like that to get the overview working for other people (it works for me because I have the file saved on my computer, but I'm worried it won't for other people because they've only downloaded it from the workshop). If anybody knew it would be a great help, and I'll get round to packing the overview in if needed. Anyway, here is the radar overview:
  10. *This post isn't up-to-date, and what I say in this post is only reflected in Version 1 of the map, which is an old version of the map. Scroll down to see new updates (the workshop link still works, it just takes you to a newer version of the map)* Hello Mapcore, I've been floating around here for a while and have posted comments on other threads several times, but now I'm finally presenting my own WIP map, de_siberia! As you can (hopefully) tell, Siberia is set in Siberia. But more specifically, an old military camp, where terrorists have been found in hiding. Enter the counter-terrorists, to take back the camp and dispose of any pesky terrorists, for one reason or another. Siberia isn't necessarily the final name, but also isn't off the table. Here is the workshop link for version 1.0.0: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=803379687 Aim: Before blocking out Siberia's first version and getting feedback, I decided my map needed an aim; something to work towards. The objective of this map is to make mid control a very important and powerful feature. I know what you're thinking: "that isn't even slightly original". You're right, it's not, and I'm not going to pretend it is. I'm also not going to pretend that taking mid control on my map is somehow far, far, different to other maps. It's not. In fact it's very similar. This is my first competitive level, and I don't want to overcomplicate things for myself as I'm not that experienced as a mapper. For my first map, I feel that, for me, it is best to try and develop a more standard defuse level That isn't to say this map won't be original in other aspects. I really hope it will be, and I'll try my best to achieve that when developing it. However, this map's key objective for my development will lead to a very traditional map style. I hope that doesn't make it sound boring! A Site Currently, A Site is, I think, lacking a somewhat-needed second entrance. It's okay in 1v1s, but I'm worried that when I comes to 5mans, A Main's entrance onto A is quite small, and it may lead to A Site being too easily held by CTs. I was thinking of adding a side entrance lower than the rest of the site on the side, which connects to the upper site with stairs and has a tunnel leading back to ramps. I didn't want to add this straight away though as I though it would be better to get feedback first. B Site So right now, there is an evident problem with B Site. I think it is far too similar to Cache's B Site. With the chokepoint shape, the outside area, the CT entrance, the very back near T spawn, it's all too similar. I'd like to find a way to change it so it isn't basically a ripoff. Other than that there isn't too much to say about it. I think it plays fairly well however when I 1v1'd friends, we found that retaking the site seemed easier than defending it. I don't know how it will play in 5mans yet, but I assume it's the same case there too, so I might rearrange some cove on the site. Again though, this based off of my experiences in 1v1s, and is why I put the map on the workshop and made this thread before making these changes. So yeah, that's basically it for the first update. Screenshots can be found on the workshop page. I'll add some to this post soon but I can't right now as they are on my computer rather than my laptop. What I'm really looking for is feedback, be it about rotations times, or how the sites play, or whatever it is. Any feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks! Edit: So I found some screens. These aren't all of them, the rest are on the workshop page if you want to check them out there. I'll update this post with all of them when I can.
  11. gleddez

    De_Quarry [WIP]

    I really like the detail. The lighting seems a little bit gloomy though, you might want to consider increasing the lighting strength. The outside-of-map details is very impressive
  12. gleddez

    [WIP] de_canaveral

    Hey NihiL! I have a few things to say about the map. One, it seems k me to be quite small. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and when details are added it can change how big the map appears, but it does feel a little cramped in places like B site. Two, a reason you may not have much feedback could be due to a lack of cover. It's hard to get a feel for a map that hasn't got cover, as you can only really theorise how the map will play, which changes wildly depending on where the cover is placed. My advice would be to update it to add cover and submit it for playtesting with TopHattWaffle, Reddit, and here, Mapcore. That way we can get a feel for how the map plays and we can leave better feedback. It looks good though, keep it up
  13. Thanks very much for the help everyone. I'm taking it all into consideration and I'm tryna come up with a good map layout.
  14. Thanks very much for the advice @Roald! Drawing it out on paper is something that's new to me, will definitely try it
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