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  1. Looks great Vaya! Looking forward to the next update
  2. We could have a co-op themed contest with any games and platforms permitted, such as L4D2, CS:GO, UE4 etc. It could be cool so see what ideas people bring to the table when there are so many possibilities on many different games/engines.
  3. gleddez

    What I'm Working On

    Hey, so I ran around this for about 15 minutes and I found it quite interesting. Sorry for the image quality, I was on my laptop where I have to play 800 x 600 for CS to be playable. So, firstly, I'm not a fan of this angle. Timings work out so CTs can get to this spot and watch any T who passes that window. An awper can get an easy pick and fall back into the cover of the crate, then repeat. Speaking of the window, it seems a bit odd to have it on-route to the door. One benefit of a door is it's element of suprise, so if a T on his way to the door is visible by the rest
  4. gleddez

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    This looks really nice, I'll have to check this out on the Workshop. Where is the setting? Didn't Shipped, like, just get released? Do you ever take breaks? Good stuff!
  5. Hey! First of all, thank you for this great feedback, it's incredibly helpful. I'm glad you like the map so far. I've actually re-hauled B since V3 as feedback I got from several people was that it didn't play too well. I hope you like the new one better when I update it, which I'll do soon. As for your other points, I'll address them one by one: - Lots of people gave this response about the house/hut thing, and I'm glad to say it is completely gone in B Site's newest version. - Many people have said that the room outside B has no real purpose, and I do agree. In the newest vers
  6. I'm back with another update to this map. The MapCore playtest (big thanks to Terri!) provided some useful feedback about V2. I'll give a summary about the changes I made in response to the feedback I got. The general consensus was that holding sites as a CT was quite difficult and that Mid was T-Sided. Bear in mind that V2 of the map was what was playtested, however I never posted about it here, so the feedback was not in response to V1 of the map that I talk about in the first post, and I'm now onto V3 as I updated it in response to feedback. This is a summary of the major changes. Changes
  7. gleddez

    [WIP] de_canaveral

    Oh man, you've gotten me hyped! I wanna test this, don't be too long!
  8. That heatmap thing is so cool!
  9. So today I spent a good two hours on the radar. It was a pain because many of the ramps in the maps wouldn't appear in the radar overview when I'd lined it up, so I had to take 6-7 screenshots at different co-ordinates where the ramps appeared and edit them in, then blur them in so it looked smooth. Anyway, it's done, and I tried to make it look good. Also, I don't know if I need to use PakRat or anything like that to get the overview working for other people (it works for me because I have the file saved on my computer, but I'm worried it won't for other people because they've only downloaded
  10. *This post isn't up-to-date, and what I say in this post is only reflected in Version 1 of the map, which is an old version of the map. Scroll down to see new updates (the workshop link still works, it just takes you to a newer version of the map)* Hello Mapcore, I've been floating around here for a while and have posted comments on other threads several times, but now I'm finally presenting my own WIP map, de_siberia! As you can (hopefully) tell, Siberia is set in Siberia. But more specifically, an old military camp, where terrorists have been found in hiding. Enter the
  11. gleddez

    De_Quarry [WIP]

    I really like the detail. The lighting seems a little bit gloomy though, you might want to consider increasing the lighting strength. The outside-of-map details is very impressive
  12. gleddez

    [WIP] de_canaveral

    Hey NihiL! I have a few things to say about the map. One, it seems k me to be quite small. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and when details are added it can change how big the map appears, but it does feel a little cramped in places like B site. Two, a reason you may not have much feedback could be due to a lack of cover. It's hard to get a feel for a map that hasn't got cover, as you can only really theorise how the map will play, which changes wildly depending on where the cover is placed. My advice would be to update it to add cover and submit it for playtesting with TopHattWa
  13. Thanks very much for the help everyone. I'm taking it all into consideration and I'm tryna come up with a good map layout.
  14. Thanks very much for the advice @Roald! Drawing it out on paper is something that's new to me, will definitely try it
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