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  1. We have lots of new art positions now available that we are looking to fill urgently, especially the following: Lead Weapons Artist Weapons Artists Lead Vehicle Artist Vehicle Artist Tech Artists Env Artists Associate Art Director https://cloudimperiumgames.com/jobs
  2. Semi interested, but not sure I have the time to go back and re-learn Source Engine on top of the day job.
  3. Source 2 SDK Closed Beta testing for Ricochet 2 maps to iron out bugs, Mapcore exclusive maps and free HL3 preorder.
  4. Getting our house valued today in prep for moving up closer to work. Hopefully a tidy profit when we sell it. So much stuff to pack....
  5. Also a level designer role available! https://cloudimperiumgames.com/jobs/228-Level-Designer Responsibilities: • Designing and creating fun, exciting, beautiful gameplay environments from paper designs/concepts to final quality using given tools of the engine • Working close with the Design Director and the design team to craft new gameplay experiences for environmental playgrounds and AI encounters • Working close with Environment Art to ensure a perfect balance between gameplay setup and visual direction • Working close with narrative design to ensure the story is carried well throu
  6. [Updated 8th June, more positions in third post!] Hi all, Come work with me and Vilham! Looking for someone to help expand the Tech Design team here at Foundry 42, see below for the full spec: https://cloudimperiumgames.com/jobs/227-Technical-Designer Responsibilities: • Designing and prototyping game systems and gameplay features from concept phase to final quality. • Implement, balance and refine mechanics and art assets for use in Star Citizen. • Work to establish and maintain a Technical Design pipeline and keep clear documentation. • Be a role model within the department for cl
  7. You've always been able to do this and tbh its better for content creators that way as they'd get 100% of your donation rather than whatever small percentage was on offer. Working on Ham and Jam for years cost myself and Jed a good couple thousand pounds in various fee's for hosting, svn repros, servers etc and we were very luckily to have a few followers donate a couple quid consistently every month to cover this for years without getting anything back for many years. We'd never have charged for the mod anyway, its a mod and was a hobby and requesting payment for it puts you in a weird po
  8. It's a great engine but there's a lot of tribal knowledge that without direct help from Crytek or ex-Crytek staff you'll struggle to achieve what the engine can produce. It's certainly harder than other engines to get to grips with (lack of documentation/support hinders a lot) but its a kind of self dependent circle. If more people used it, there'd be more documentation to help get more people in.
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