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  1. It´s something we planned on form the start, but didnt have enough time to test, so its patched in, gives more initiative to stealth. chases only have a chance of happening if alarms were set off.
  2. Doesn't this mean that you can convert an enemy, kill him, and repeat on the next guy to avoid pagers all together... This is correct, and thats why its not in the patch! Almir missed to remove it from the notes, *edit posts now*
  3. Working hard on fixing them issues and balances. And Patch#5 should fix some of the stuff, should hit in a couple of hours. patch notes: http://steamcommunity.com/app/218620/discussions/0/864976837947262102/ also, that comic, LOL
  4. awesome in coop. grats on realese hipshot
  5. If you preloaded the game, you need to restart steam, or force an update on the game, you get a small patch that should take a few secs to download. Just make sure it updates after the reboot =)
  6. Launch trailer! Should be avaible on steam in a couple of hours now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaGXXwxguJE
  7. Heyoo Lets talk about instancing We are doing some research at work about instancing, to see if it´s something that we could use in the Level design pipeline. Does anyone in the Core have any experience with instances? We have been looking alot at the Source stuff and some of the unreal stuff aswell. Are there other good examples of engines that use this cleverley? Something you have ever worked with? What are the biggest pros? What are the biggest cons? Are there any traps or hickups on development? Do you have a bad experience of using them? Any good? Something that we should not forget about when setting them up for our pipeline? Or is it all just rainbows and awesome?
  8. feel free to have level designers & animators email ilija [at] overkillsoftware [dot] com btw, we are looking to hire, if stockholm is intresting for them.
  9. sad news, hope you are all allright, god damnit with these layoffs everywhere, jesus.
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