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I don't have as much time as I want right now due to finals (for the 10th grade :( ). After seeing Roald's gray box I have decided to postpone the graybox, and fully commit to the new theme of train shunting yard/repair yard/tracks. This way there will be more thematic consistency, and I will have time to get more references to really set a mood and location. Don't worry, there will still be a circle site, but it will be better. It will be a turntable! 

Here is the old w.i.p radar for the record:



I already have sick references and I want to make at least one texture less train model to set the mood and make things interesting. 

Here is the train:

Image result for tem lth 001

Here is the turntable (which I will shrink a little and modernize slightly):



Image result for roundhouse turntable

Here another refrence for A site entrance:


 Image result for train yard


When finals are done I will have much more time to work and I suspect my ideas will come out smoother on the same day rather than chopped up between 0-.5 hr work weeks. 

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