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Name: de_bravo (may change depending on feedback)

Macro Theme: U.S. army base on an island that contains artillery cannons and bunkers left over from WWI. 

Micro themes:  A is an underground data center core. B is an artillery bunker being retrofitted with modern technology The central route is half above ground and half under ground.


  • Intuitive layout
  • Excellent readability
  • Green vibes
  • Receding waves at CT spawn (potentially difficult effect)

Landmark Features: 

  • Short flak towers on A approach
  • Rocks at CT beach
  • Plane crashed at T spawn
  • Lookout tower

Artillery section reference photos:


Data center refrences: 


Artillery color pallette:


Data center color pallette:2075747181_bunkerpallate.png.6259329314381c4c956f4c210981751c.png

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The left most path will act as middle #1, giving an option to get to A quickly and B a little more slowly. The central path will be the second middle, giving attackers a quick route to B and a slower one to A, the inverse of the first middle.  Here is the basic flow:


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7 minutes ago, Interfearance said:

Here is most of the map drawn out. I had to omit B (separate sheet XD), but I guarantee its interesting! IMG_20190609_162445537_HDR.thumb.jpg.01fde153167be59b34ccfb4b71f64d3e.jpg



WOW, that is very detailed and very different approach to draw maps! I alway draw it really small and just the basic layout, because I make the detailing and all those thing in hammer after grayboxing the simple drawing. Its interesting to see such a different approach :D

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