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  1. Got the chance to watch this the other night and couldnt have put it better than HP just has. I enjoyed it and found to to be a very interesting take.. but damn Joaquin Phoenix cut a crazy amount of weight to get into "shape" for this roll and had also seen certain critiques/news/feeds about this movie before hand and honestly makes me think "is this how certain companyies sell? because it works... aside from all that, felt like it was a really good movie and really made me think abt the good ol 1989 batman? with the wayne family.. personally would have love to seen more story within the Arkham Asylum^^
  2. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

    More afternoon doodles Rigging up some arms for fps Also had the urge to model something so a quick phone-booth blockout
  3. +Rusty+

    M4A1 Rifle

    Solid stuff, good job
  4. (For any brits) Recently started watching "the Capture" with the missus Gotta admit its actually a pretty interesting concept and a good bit of back-n-forth-mind/fukery^^ defo worth a watch. Also cant believe @blackdog you only recently just watched big trouble in little china^^ brilliant film..
  5. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

    Posting this for now (as it is the random model thread), alil after-work doodle from today (far from finished and may have more to show if i get the time to work on it later) but this is another concept by the awsome Munkhjin Otgonbayar.. and i would also like to mention if any 3d or aspiring 3d artist havent seen his work you sould definitely check his artstation out and study his work, love his stuff & im sure many that havent seen... will also... and no this isnt suppose to be some-kind of artifact.... its a knuckle duster
  6. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

    Spent sunday relaxing and pushing polys
  7. Really enjoyed that @Radu (Zia's theme) very nice voice and relaxing. ...Been hooked on these over the last couple of days...
  8. damn i remember watching a few good ol eps of gundam, never really got into it when i was young but im more of a mech head and scfi nerd now compared to when i was young^^ (for some reason thinking of gundam also got me thinking of Captain plantet^?^ will now need to post afew funny captain planet skitz in another thread^^).
  9. Iv recently mentioned on another thread, as someone that can literally count the number of anime films iv watched with both hands, (i guess the environment iv been brought up in) watching anime has kinda always been regarded for children/childish.. but the few that i have seen/ properly sat down and watched. akira (a must watch imo) ninja scroll (another i enjoyed) a couple of street fighter films (not bad) cowboybeepbop (keep fekn falling asleep everytime i try to watch but enjoyed what i have seen of the film^^) Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend (1 of the first films with ninja scroll a friend showed when i was young.. this 1 kinda fuked me up when it came to manga/anime^^) ghost in the shell (seen 1 or 2 of these films very enjoyable) BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Black Out 2022 (have to mention this just because im a big BR fan and i thought the 3 shorts released especially this short anime was magical!) aside from old anime tv cartoons? and being a fan of the art in old manga books and lone wolf and cub (if that is classed as anime books?) thats pretty much my list, but i do love the styles (especially older 80's n 90's anime) and ovc have seen/heard other things from anime stuff but never properly sat down and watched, so i would love to see some more recommendations from folk. will defo check out Evangelion (iv seen a few folk mention its not bad) any more for non anime heads
  10. @Radu Sry never noticed hp had already made a thread and he must of just posted on it literally just b4 i postd this^^ The game sounds and looks brilliant & i enjoy a challenge, defo gonna pick this up when i can. (ty for merging )
  11. Over the last week or so iv had an urge to play some old retro games from my childhood like doom, blood or even good old duke but came across this and its just released today! and (quote) its "the first full game to be made using the Build Engine in over 20 years!" Brilliant .. might jst pick this up when i get the chance. (also enjoy listening to this guy's reviews)
  12. +Rusty+


    I would say the quickest and easy way would to just lasso select "Ctrl+drag" the backend polys and to jst hide them with "H" then when you need to unhide them jst "Alt+H".. though you can adjust the ref image or background image within its tab to have the image focus infront of the model or change its alpha ect, you would need to play around with it for your own preference but changing the ref to "front" & "xray off" will let you beable to see the ref while still having a wireframe (like) view and no backend polys of your model showing (until you put on xray).
  13. got me thinking of akira now^^
  14. I remember first seeing/hearing of AKIRA from some old comic a friend gave to me when i ws young and still remember first seeing that film, the art was brilliant but also the music within the film was incredible! im not a big anime film fan (probably due to the lack of watching any) and can count the number of anime films iv watched with both hands but aside from the lone wolf n cub books & ninja scroll film i read and watched years ago ... akira was something special. evangelion looks good though, maybe about time to get myself into watching some anime, i do love art Heres also a couple of things iv watched recently (youtube adventuring^^) = it really is a mad and interesting world (this is a gd few years old and the guy has since been working with university's to try and help venom victims) fek knows but watching atm^^ (further down the youtube hole)
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