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  1. +Rusty+

    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    PS5!! im still in thoughts to treat myself to a ps4 jst to play GoW + Spiderman but now!!!..should i wait??.. what next ... xbox 720? .. (spiderman actually looks sht hot in this vid though).
  2. +Rusty+

    What music have you listened to recently?

    No matter how many times iv listened to this through the years, stil takes me on a journey
  3. Within your test vmt your using $basemapalphaenvmapmask instead of $basealphaenvmapmask. here's also a lil list of some vm param stuff: https://forum.tsgk.com/viewtopic.php?t=4965
  4. +Rusty+

    Love,Death & Robots (Netflix)

    Didnt see this posted on the forum yet but its a must watch and imo truly something special, Tim miller from Blur studios also called upon friends and "rival" studios to help add to the diversity of these short animations .. Brilliant!! ..
  5. +Rusty+

    Our Planet (Netflix)

    From planet earth to blue planet, truly amazing stuff.. always love to watch these with my young son and just to watch the look on his face and try to answer the questions that come with it^^ they never cease to amaze me, so will be looking foward to watching this with him.
  6. +Rusty+

    Prodeus (random dev stuff)

    This is looking awsome, look foward to seeing more.
  7. +Rusty+

    totally random texture thread

    Heres 1 of the many materials im working (within substance designer) for a lil ue4 environment but still afew details to add & adjust like small stones ect, but i do plan to have this mat blended within ue4 with some dampness or puddle.
  8. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

  9. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

    Played S.T.A.L.K.E.R for the first time and got inspired to get creative, so heres some early wippity-wips (still more work to be done + ignored the floating geo)
  10. +Rusty+

    Apex Legends

    Not had the chance to play this yet but from what iv seen the map, mechanics and pacing (of the map) look great, very interested to see more behind the development of the map/level with there workflow and tools ect, they got some awsome artist over at respawn & im sure there will be more to come. If anyone finds any useful dev links please post, been looking around but not found much info and i enjoy a good read Cheers
  11. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

  12. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

    Its a great feeling when getting your first 3d model into a game engine... well done @kek9z
  13. +Rusty+

    What movie is this?

    ohh Spiderman homecoming! only recently watched that aswell but from the pics could have literally been anything in my mind^^.. @Mitch Mitchell Looks like something way b4 my time but for some reason i feel like iv seen this shot before?? is there any hints (without giving it away) curious... would you say this is a known classic in anyway?
  14. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

    Little workflow exercise with a simple prop also some substance painter (Iray) renders (rarley use the built in render)
  15. +Rusty+

    What movie is this?