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  1. Substance Designer

    This looks very interesting
  2. totally random texture thread

    Hello everyone Lurking around this site for a while now, for some reason just never signed up and posted much? Some realy great artist's here and i will look foward to checking out more work and posting here. To kick things off iv been reacently working alot more on my texture work and here is afew iv created Marble texture - Metal panel i plan to use in an environment im toying with - This one i attempted after watching the work flow of this guy "Rafaƫl De Jongh" on youtube jst for some practice and i would also recommend for anyone interested to watch (some realy useful techniques in there) and here is 1 i just made last night in under 2 hours tryn to speed up my work flow, from modeling out the shape in blender then adjusting normal and creating AO,cavity and fake shadow maps to get this end result also just felt like throwing some (kinda) paint marks over it All rendered on a flat plane, still to be applied into a game engine and specular maps to be adjusted accordingly.