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  1. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

  2. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

    Its a great feeling when getting your first 3d model into a game engine... well done @kek9z
  3. +Rusty+

    What movie is this?

    ohh Spiderman homecoming! only recently watched that aswell but from the pics could have literally been anything in my mind^^.. @Mitch Mitchell Looks like something way b4 my time but for some reason i feel like iv seen this shot before?? is there any hints (without giving it away) curious... would you say this is a known classic in anyway?
  4. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

    Little workflow exercise with a simple prop also some substance painter (Iray) renders (rarley use the built in render)
  5. +Rusty+

    What movie is this?

  6. +Rusty+

    What movie is this?

    You got it Pericolos0! Watched the movie nearly 20 years ago, its a good movie with a lot of creepy parts from what i remember.
  7. Some interesting ideas already with the submissions, there looking awsome
  8. +Rusty+

    What movie is this?

    Maybe an easy one for some folk here (clue) - black hole
  9. +Rusty+

    What movie is this?

    (based off of the clue) Oceans 13?
  10. +Rusty+

    What movie is this?

    Was thinking "wasnt forest gump sitting on a bench?"^^
  11. Good that you also mentioned this.. as ue4 and unity are added into the mix, it would be very interesting to see some kind of 2d (game style) Door challenge imo..
  12. +Rusty+

    The Door Challenge - 2018

    Ue4, unity and source .. Very interesting! i remember when the first challnge was held.. damn 7 year pass by already! maybe an opportunity to put some of my knowlage to use^^
  13. +Rusty+

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Messing around and having some fun in UE4 with some early wip lighting studies
  14. +Rusty+

    RaVaGe's real life WIP

    Nice work
  15. +Rusty+

    totally random texture thread

    Having fun and learning alot with substance designer