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  1. Chernobyl looks great! defo need to check that out (lil randomness here) Recently iv kinda been on a good ol memories trip after watching a transworld doc throughout the late 90's and early naughtys sk8boarding was everything to me and at a time when the internet wasnt what it is now and i had to wait a month for a sk8 mag to be ordered into a shop jst to find out what was going on within the world of sk8brding^^ but after watching this i watched that (kinda) new jonah hill film "mid 90's" and realy enjoyed it really nostalgic in a sense, i had some great memories with a lil group of lads jst messing around and having fun skating and meeting some brilliant people from around the world.. but this also reminded me i had an old board setup kicking around somewhere and on friday afternoon i was inspired to take my son out and let him ride a sk8board for the first time... I swear it was magical, just seeing how much fun he had and watching him mess around on the board.. he keeps asking to go sk8ing again^^ (sorry to go alil offtopic) wanted to share that with you awsome folks and also i know what it's like to get caught up in 3d and game dev stuff jst remember to have a break
  2. some interesting thoughts^^
  3. For me ff7 will always hold a place as 1 of (my) all-time favorite's and only by picking this game up on a whim when being rushed out of a game shop (by family) while initially aiming for tekken 2 maybe 3? but being a 2 for £20 or 30 quid special, i literally jst grab it because of the cover^^ never played n RPG in my life until then.. i remember first playing it and defeating the scorpion then switching it off thinking wtf is this sht^^ after a couple of days actually sitting down and giving it a chance..Damn! spent a long time as a youngster playing this while going through some real bad times, guess it makes it that bit more special.. Although like alot im sure seeing a remake brings back alot of memories for alot of folk around the globe some part of me feels it's one of those things that shouldnt be touched or try to be remade.. but hey it is! and it's looking good and interesting to see it isnt just going to be a total "remake" but adding more modern things. Lets i hope it goes well cause this game was huge on the PS & to modern standards i cant even imagine!^^..
  4. Kuto's to the editor^^
  5. (Just realised pressing Alt+1,3 and Alt+1,4 on num pad = ♪ & ♫) ♪.♫.♫.♪.♪
  6. @blackdogNot got much input on the bilingual stuff (guess that would come with the raising and probably come natural if/when surrounded when raising) but from my own experience me and my gf had afew names in mind (also not knowing the gender) .. me being abit of a simplton wanting to keep the name common in a sense^^ ie scott, brian or claire etc..etc.. my gf was hitting out with alsorts of names i dont even want to get into^^ but when my son was born and we both looked at him, my gf (in the midst.. after jst giving birth) mentioned bailey.. we both looked at him and i honestly felt fk yeh bailey it is^^. That was just us but food for though (in a sense) maybe keep afew names in mind but when the child is born go what feels natural to you both.. been drinking a lil but hope that makes some sense^^ all the best.
  7. PS5!! im still in thoughts to treat myself to a ps4 jst to play GoW + Spiderman but now!!!..should i wait??.. what next ... xbox 720? .. (spiderman actually looks sht hot in this vid though).
  8. No matter how many times iv listened to this through the years, stil takes me on a journey
  9. Within your test vmt your using $basemapalphaenvmapmask instead of $basealphaenvmapmask. here's also a lil list of some vm param stuff: https://forum.tsgk.com/viewtopic.php?t=4965
  10. Didnt see this posted on the forum yet but its a must watch and imo truly something special, Tim miller from Blur studios also called upon friends and "rival" studios to help add to the diversity of these short animations .. Brilliant!! ..
  11. From planet earth to blue planet, truly amazing stuff.. always love to watch these with my young son and just to watch the look on his face and try to answer the questions that come with it^^ they never cease to amaze me, so will be looking foward to watching this with him.
  12. This is looking awsome, look foward to seeing more.
  13. Heres 1 of the many materials im working (within substance designer) for a lil ue4 environment but still afew details to add & adjust like small stones ect, but i do plan to have this mat blended within ue4 with some dampness or puddle.
  14. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

    Played S.T.A.L.K.E.R for the first time and got inspired to get creative, so heres some early wippity-wips (still more work to be done + ignored the floating geo)
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