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  1. I could try helping, as it seems that i wont be finishing any of my entries to the competition. However i can't promise anything too good (i could try modelling something, might not turn out good tho).
  2. check if you have any object in 2 tar visgroups, try deleting and then adding back the tar_config. Hopefully it will get fixed in a new update.
  3. Would it be able that i could continue making the map? I think that is a very promising and inspiring idea, and it has potential. edit. I should read the comments more carefully , you are still working on the map, just not for the competition.
  4. (Not sure if this is the right place to post but it seems that many have this problem). In terri's auto radar (TAR) you may see that the map is stretched on one side or cut off. Change the antialiasing setting in tar_config to none, it will get rid of the problem.
  5. Change the antialiasing in tar_config to none.
  6. Modified mid, b site not done yet. What do you think?
  7. Will be 5v5 map with 2 sites, dont worry Just other side not done yet.
  8. Hi, I asked yanzl, it should be fine as long as you give credit.
  9. A map set in a server room/construction site/mall. This is a very fast paced map. A sites layout is done and the mid is partially done.
  10. Is it allowed to use your assets from de_breach etc. in the mapcore 2019 competition?

  11. I have a good layout idea now (not going to publish it yet). I'm going to use the default csgo models, some models from de_breach and de_zoo, also some models and textures from unity assetstore. (I'm too lazy to model anything myself ).
  12. Would there still be time to start a map from scratch. I lost my map files somehow, and dont really have anything right now. Would there be any point of starting to make a map this late into this competition? (Detailing in this short time will be hard).
  13. removed middle path as it wasn't used too much. Added some wood to block sightlines, first playable (with people) release coming soon.
  14. You would want to have more negative space. Also for better minimaps/radars, use TAR(terri's auto radar), it makes the process of minimap making much easier.
  15. Looks really good, cant wait to try it out.
  16. Looks nice, is it set in a middle of a city next to a hotel?
  17. Blue oyster scenes in police academy : or the helicopter scene in the dictator:
  18. Looks Cool I'd love to see that the containers (in the middle, I atleast assume that they are containers) that you could climb on top of them. Very well made so far, promising.
  19. Simplified the layout by removing part of the long corridor, made the t side middle connector longer and less overpowered and also made a first playable version of the map and tested it with bots, It was suprisingly fun to play.
  20. It is good, however i want to keep the long path that your idea didn't have. I was thinking something like this would simplify it a little bit (I made it with phone right now, not so pretty). Removal of that path could simplify the map and the bombsite.
  21. Here is the map layout with both sites, it is not final yet and the layout isn't too good in the middle in my opinion. But its something. Please give feedback of the layout, please note that in the middle (lower area marked with red) the walls aren't very high, but it should add some variation from most of the maps made.
  22. A map situated in a abandoned spa in winter finland. Terrorists have stored weapons and radioactive materials there without anyone noticing (for very unknown reasons). Now the terrorist want to get rid of the weapons and radioactive materials. CT's are trying to stop it from happening as it exploding could cause massive damage or other injuries.
  23. Might be a virus as my pc now allows me to edit files that are: read only, dll, etc. It didn't allow it before. Going to do factory restore after backuping.
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