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  1. Sgremo


    heightmap + terraingenerator is a good start?
  2. Sgremo


    Hi Everyone, I'm just searching for someone who's interested in making a dz_map. The only basic idea to set it on high snowy mountains tops. Specially I would like to feature a ropeway (also known as cableway or gondola) maybe 2 or 3 lines.
  3. Sgremo

    [CS:GO] de_beyond [GRAYBOX]

    Oh ok, it seems easy but's quite a tricky job..I'll do it, maybe when things are ok
  4. Sgremo

    [CS:GO] de_beyond [GRAYBOX]

    Radar displays first image at ground level, the second one at 1┬░Floor
  5. Sgremo

    [CS:GO] de_beyond [GRAYBOX]

    de_beyond (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1726925120) This is a map I started inspired by "beyond" episode of Animatrix. I wanted to do a Wingman map but in making it I realize it should begun a 5vs5 map so I crudely make the second site to fit middle and then deleted it. Map has to pass playtest valutation yet so here's topic as recomanded (also my first topic in life D:)