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  1. where is my time 🤔


    I got fucked when I needed no ideas, but when you smoke an idea of a river come, fucking awesome!


  3. Samir

    Anuanuraro [Wingman CS GO]

    While I can not give an exact answer, is it good or bad, later we will see how this will affect the game itself
  4. F*ck my life, can't save that, girl  

    Growing sick of this and I don't wanna make you sad


  5. Samir

    Anuanuraro [Wingman CS GO]

    [UPDATE Anuanuraro]
  6. Anuanuraro [Update version] more about the map
  7. I Know that it hurts sometimes , but its beautiful

    Workin’ every day, now you bleedin’ through your cuticles


    wait for release




    That feeling when your monitor does not support a resolution of more than 1280, and then the radar must be done 🤨

  9. Samir

    Anuanuraro [Wingman CS GO]

    Hello to all! Not even a year has passed since the Anuanuraro map suffered no significant changes, but still there are, here you are not a great video. I know you'll scold me for telling you about updating the map but I don’t give it away - The map surface (ground) was completely changed to etched - Plant was moved a little closer to CT spawn - A place with shelters in the "short" position has been completely redone, also added semi-destroyed for a more comfortable game with AWP - Added several trees and other vegetation for detail - Also on the point with the laying of the bomb was added light - Added Dynamite Clouds - Redone background map (3d skybox) for position "short" - Fixed optimization Oops sorry for this screen resolution [4:3] I have such a monitor Good luck to everyone and Happy New Year
  10. Samir

    Anuanuraro [Wingman CS GO]

    Old version CT spawn New version CT spawn
  11. Anuanuraro [BETA screenshots] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map for Wingman mode Detalis: Anuanuraro
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