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  1. fuck me thats a good looking greybox
  2. another update after another playtest (thanks to se disc) not a lot but that is a good thing right almost done with initial stages of testing yote heres the radar as well thats all gangg
  3. kinda big update not too many layout changes, but the biggest change that i forgot to mention is that the fish move now
  4. whats up buckaroos i've done a bit more work for this piece of shit heres an imgur album of the latest version if u wanna see whats changed: https://imgur.com/a/tufMRtb and then heres the radar lmao i think i've got the layout itself down to a point where detailing should probably be my next concern because the layout is practically finished i think, biggest changes i would probably be making would be cover adjustments and model replacements (when it comes to that idk) this has definitely been fun for a first map thing i guess
  5. so playtest went okay, i discovered that it was dummy ct sided so i hope i fixed that in this update lol heres an imgur album of the changes: https://imgur.com/a/NVC9ALy
  6. pushed another small update a couple days ago i've got another playtest scheduled for tomorrow (7/3) at 1pm cdt courtesy of SE disc which is cool ig will update after that ig oh ye and heres the radar since i havent shown that in a bit
  7. aight new update lol https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/1763669861
  8. wow that looks fantastic wtf i wanna do that
  9. pushed a couple more updates, biggest changes are prolly middle, a long, a ramp (could now be called truck tho idk) and ct's entryways into the b site imgur album radar is missing a couple things but thas ok
  10. alrighty now that i've got 2 pretty successful playtests under my belt, i'm happy to present some big updates to marine heres the new radar bc a lot has changed since the op i guess now we wait until i can get another playtest in before moving onto visuals, which is pog bc i never imagined i'd get this far oh ye and heres an imgur album of all the changes from the first update, and i didn't have time to update it with the 2nd updates changes sry
  11. so since this post i've updated the map quite a bit, adding a new room, a new pathway, and lots of detailing and to save you the 2 clicks of going to the workshop page and clicking the change logs im just gonna post all the changes since i posted this here: i have some dev notes on the change logs page that i wont post here, and i also wont post screenshots of these changes because i want to drive traffic to the workshop page bc im a piece of shit ive got a playtest on this coming up on the 21st as well, which is dope. will update after that cya then bois
  12. oo im liking this, gl with de_austinpowers famm
  13. this layout is looking exotic, can't wait to see it finished man!
  14. So this contest started at a really good time, which is I decided to finally put this layout into hammer after 3 years of sitting on the basic idea. I started working on blocking it out around the time the contest was announced, and completed the layout/uploaded to the workshop on the 7th I have absolutely no references besides an image in my head which I really want to stick to, which is an awful idea *but* I'm gonna try it lmao The fundamentals is that it is a Marine Research Center out in the Gulf of Mexico, kinda like an oil rig but not oil and instead fishies bc fishies are awesome It's been out on the workshop for a couple days now, you can find it at this link. Screenshots can be found there bc i dont wanna spam images here. updates are to come based off of feedback
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