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  1. I am SO looking forward to this game to see how it plays. Visually everything they have shown so far is absolutely incredible. Just seeing that orc army move around is so incredibly juicy. All the VFX, animations... ahhh just hope gameplay can keep up with that. There seems to be so much polish, it's inspiring.
  2. Oh wow Yes its quite the journey. Where you part of the WC3 community back in the day?
  3. Watched John Wick 2 yesterday. Decent movie, better than the first one which got a little dull after some time (even though it had pretty cool stuff). Second one keeps the good stuff and improves on where the first one lacked imo. On monday I went to see Split. Oh man... i was almost ready to be hyped for a Shyamalan movie again, since The Visit was really good imo. Well... what a let down. I guess its even worse than the happening for me... nothing there worked. I was bored from start to finish, the way some of the story-telling was handled just left me puzzled on if he forgot everything he knows about movies. Those trailers basically spoiling the whole movie, probably didnt help either. So sad.
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Moritz and i'm currently the lead designer at Mimimi Productions based in Munich Germany. We founed the company directly after our game design studios, so i really don't have any working experience outside of the bubble that is our small group. That always makes it interessting to read and talk about the different approaches and look at other people's work! The last game i worked on was "Shadow Tactics", which is a real time tactical stealth game (basically its Commandos with ninja ;D). There i've been working on the gamedesign but also many parts of leveldesign from planning levels, blocking them, putting in the art assets (no asset-creation though), enemy setup/puzzle design, scripting and final polish. (we are small studio so everybody does many things). Before that we made a 3rd person action adventure called "The Last Tinker" where i basically did the same thing... The games are in a completely different genre, though, which was pretty interessting and lots of new stuff had to be learned from a GD/LD standpoint. Thats all there is to say about me, i guess I found this community via a link to an article on facebook, browsed through the forum and decided to sign up. Looks like there's a whole bunch of cool and taleneted people here So i wanted to hang out, talk, learn things etc. etc.
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