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  1. osKo

    [CS:GO][WIP] Moscow

    Inspiration Overview image [Alpha 6, most recent] Map [Alpha 5] Download the most recent version of the map [Alpha 5]: From Steam Workshop
  2. Can this newer version of de_tivoli be playtested on 11th of January? Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/2p3ue6ecx8dcn8n/de_tivoli_redone_r4%2011.01.%202015%20by%20osKo.zip?dl=0 If it's not too much of a hassle, please record a demo again.
  3. I missed the playtest because my internet didn't work; is the recorded demo avaliable?
  4. osKo

    de_smoke (Greybox)

    That's a lot of unnecessary boxes... try removing some of them and keeping the ones that hold valuable cover to the team rather than them just being spammed all over the place.
  5. Could you please update de_tivoli on the 1st with this version instead? https://www.dropbox.com/s/frjpuap2bhft5zi/de_tivoli_redone_r2%20by%20osKo%20-%20updated.zip?dl=0 There have been some flaws in the layout when I play tested it with some friends that I fixed.
  6. I'd like the 1st of January please for a newer version of de_tivoli, can you record a demo again? https://www.dropbox.com/s/m0eey7bm7t1puoo/de_tivoli%2001.01.15%20by%20osKo.zip?dl=0
  7. de_tivoli is one of the most fun layouts I've done according to most people, however there were a lot of unfair flaws with the map that rendered it obsolete. Terrorists having to be forced to take headshots, retaking bombsites, and the rotation times were all screwed up. The problem was, the map was already being detailed, and that is a mistake I have done and will not do again. I'm remastering/redoing de_tivoli and hope that it will be a competitively viable map. revision 3-4 revision 2 revision 1 This topic is made for criticisms. If you have something to say about the
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gwe8x66lxl6p4in/de_tivoli_redone_r1%20by%20osKo.zip?dl=0 I'd like the 21st please, I'm remastering de_tivoli and fixing every single thing wrong about it by making a new version with more interesting choke points, bombsites, and a better mid. Expect boxy dev texture level. edit: could you please record a demo too?
  9. Can de_tivoli be played again on the 4/11?
  10. Please don't tell me you forgot to record a demo again - I don't see it in google drive.
  11. Alright. When we're on the map, please remind me like a million times so that i don't forget it, ok? Is.. the map on the schedule?
  12. 26.10.14 pls https://www.dropbox.com/s/guy4ee0uo1mx6zp/DE_Tivoli%20by%20osKo%20-%20release%204.zip?dl=0 Also please record a demo this time, I don't want to punch another wall. The neighbours were pretty mad.
  13. osKo

    CS:GO - de_tivoli

    Bumped, update 4
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