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  1. de_thrill, cs_agency, de_shipped, de_lite, de_blackgold, de_austria, cs_insertion - Congrats! But I miss Santorini... Maybe next time
  2. Where can I find the layout of de_canals? I won't get home to my PC till evening...
  3. Adam108CZ

    [CS:GO] Legacy

    Instead of pushing T spawn back I would rather push the CT spawn forward slightly, then it would became more attractive for rotations as well.
  4. Well, I would compare it more to CS:GO operation passes than to paid workshop content. Of course, I warmly welcome this concept. I am glad that Valve decided to interact more with the community and support it monetarily as well.
  5. Adam108CZ


    Is there a record of the match? I missed it but would like to watch it
  6. Hi guys, really nice discussion over here! Personally, I have to frankly doubt the idea of placing the rescue zone in the opposing direction from the CT spawn. IMO, there is no sensible reason for that - the map would be unnecessarily big and hard for players to learn. Many of you give as a reason for doing so that "Players would not have to backtrack and retake already taken areas" - I don't understand you, I thought that we agreed on hostage maps being too T sided and now we want to take from CTs that advantage? As somebody has already mentioned, CTs would be so weakened due to attacking one of the "Hostagesites" that they would not have enough resources to progress further through the level. If the rescue zone was at CT spawn (not necessarily there, but in the direction of it), CTs would have the possibility to place lurker(s) behind them to keep their way back secured. All of you definitely realize how hard is it for Ts to take over a bomb site, even though there are two of them on a map so the defense is split. There are two hostages on a map - we can easily infer from that, taking a hostage is as difficult as taking a bomb site. In most scenarios it is even harder because on vast majority of maps hostages are closer to each other than bomsites regularly are. And now think about this - Ts do not even have to retake it, they just can back off to escape routes. I don't know, why are you suggesting such a changes to layout build-up if it does not solve the essential issue - that the maps are so ridiculously Ts sided if played properly. Now to my own suggestions - add a third hostage to a map. The hostages would not have to be far away from each other to allow Ts relatively quick rotation, but would force Ts to seek intelligence. As well as that, CTs would not deplete all their resources on taking the hostage, due to defense being even more split, allowing them to send lurkers to actually defend the way back (Nowadays, I can barely see anyone doing that). Why is the second part of hostage-scenario round so random and uncompetitive? Because no team has enough players left to hold on some actual map control and so, it is just a bunch of survivors trying to win the round with few resources they have left. This needs to be unconditionally changed.
  7. Review of all 4 final maps by famous CS:GO caster Anders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UladSKyrdVY
  8. Lets start with that I really like this map, i playtested it yesterday, the layout seems interesting, but in terms of gameplay i find the layout a bit untweaked... I know taht now is too late to make any layout changes, but i will post my criticism anyway There are too many pathways to A site and there also too many cornes to hide, if CTs/Ts are well setup, it is really hard to re/take the bombsite. So I would simplify the corridors behind A to be more easily checked by the other team. The second thing i would do to simplify the map is moving the CT spawn behind A. It has many benefits. Firstly, you can remove the area of current CTs spawn, but more importantly, you can straighten the connector from lower mid to A because both teams will get there at the same time like now. This connector will then aslo become more attractive during rotations B > A and vice versa. The third benefit I see is taht long A (especially the upper part) will become more used by both teams, because it won't by so far away from other parts of the map. Of course, if you move the CT spawn, you have to move the T spawn, too. I would move it as I painted in the overview (maybe a bit further to A long) - CTs and Ts would still get to B as now and because the CT spawn is closer to the long, T spawn should by pushed further, too. I don't know how much would these changes affect timings on mid, I hope that not much, but it's possible, that some changes in pathways from spawns to mid would be needed to current timing be preserved.
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    A Tips & tricks video, but contains also some (probably) unintended boost spots and other stuff
  10. Adam108CZ

    [cs:go] de_log

    some boost spots
  11. Adam108CZ

    [cs:go] de_log

    I really like your map. Good work! Unfortunately, there are no callouts and so often (especially when we don't play as a team) it's very confusing. So I craeted my own callout map - It's based on our callouts we use with friends, but, yeah, about 5 of them I made up during creating it. Maybe you can some of them add to the game? If you have alternative names or anything else to say let me know!
  12. I also don't have clear opinion on this situation... I agree that artists and modders deserve some reward, but how it was executed by Valve is very unfortunate. It should have started with a donate button, I would definitely give few cents to authors of C:S mods I'm using... We all know that Valve is very bad in communicating with players. But their (our) patience has its limits, too. To FMPONE: market cannot regulate itself. Taht's an utopia. You are maybe right, that there will be definitely good artists/modders with good reference, whose work will worth its price, but for average players the situation in steam workshop will be very confusing anyway... Maybe we are experienced enough and we (will) have good view over the situation i the workshop to not get deceived and so, but avarage player will suffer from it. And finally: It's absolutely impossible to sell CS:GO maps through workshop. There's nobody who would buy them. I am subscribed to more than 100 maps, but I do it because I just want to look at them and sometimes leave some reference... I wouldn't pay a single cent to do this. And if some of our fun maps we play sometimes with friends got charged, we would just find another one, there are plenty of them in the workshop.
  13. Calm down All people are ranking up now... ALL (!!!) my friends and me used to be SEM-GN3 on Sunday... Now we all are GN3-MG2
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