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  1. Pete_H

    UE4 -WIP- Destiny Fan Art - Mars Station

    Love the shapes of the wires / pipes in the tunnel area, looking forward to seeing progress!
  2. Pete_H

    Now playing - 2018

    FarCry3 - trying to get complete it before FarCry4! Quora - indie side scrolling 2D exploration game, great story & setting but generally moving around feels clunky which can get frustrating. Minecraft - always. Building. X-com; Enemy within - Enemy Unknown was amazing so started getting involved in this. WoW - pre Xpac stuff. Civ 5 - plodding on with my 1000+ turn world war. Ridiculous Fishing - this game is amazing. I just wish it was longer! Suddenly realised why I always feel like I have no time...
  3. Pete_H


    Maybe he´s an avid archaeologist!
  4. Pete_H


    Liam, that reply, trying my best not to laugh too loud, scared I'll wake up the missus!
  5. Pete_H


    Ok, so capitalism is the cause of innocent people being killed. (Again, your words). Hatred, looks as if it will be mostly making light if innocent people being killed (yours too). This still makes Hatred a shitty idea...
  6. Pete_H


    So capitalism makes light of killing innocent people daily so it's ok for this game to make light of it too? Large groups of stupid people (your words not mine) who a lot of people have been painstakingly educating on how games are not murder simulators and that they can be deep, meaningful and diverse. So best we go throw this bombshell of a game in the mix? Maybe make a game about the problems with capitalism and how it values human life? If that's something your passionate about. Something that could challenge how people think. Not this rubbish.
  7. Pete_H


    Kim Kardashian-like games are putting more negativity in this world than Hatred. That was my point. But what do I know, I'm a hippie who doesn't buy nice new clothes every month. Also a pacifist who gets furious seeing video's capturing injustice, beating, animal cruelty, etc. Why? It is real. And if I came across that situation in real life. I'd try destroying people like that, making a exception to the pacifist rule. But Hatred doesn't enrage me, because it is not real. It shouldn't enrage anyone who has some hope in humanity as you know it won't lead to everyone going apeshit, killing eachother. No it won't make people go apeshit and kill each other. But 1. When the wider public is worried about that anyway and a lot of people are fighting long and hard to change that opinion what's the point in risking their hard work? 2. It rewards killing innocent people, making light of something that's pretty horrendous with no reason / repercussions / explanations. Even in Carmageddon you could still complete a race by actually winning, not just running people down. And I'm sure your main targets were the other racers, who were out to kill you, hardly innocents. 3. This isn't a shoddy game like the columbine one, this had a certain degree of production value so will get noticed, meaning any negative impact it has on the gaming industry and culture as a whole will be more wide spread.
  8. Pete_H


    You know who likes hatred?
  9. Pete_H


    Natural born killers had something to say, it's heavily stylized and comments a lot on how high profile violent crimes are portrayed in the media and reacted to by the public. Also you get an uncomfortable glance at Mallory's childhood, the main violator abused as a child, gives a potential motive / reason for behaviour in later life right away. Oh and the film industry doesn't have to deal with the flak the games industry gets over violence, even in 1994. The GTA argument needs to stop too. GTA is so, so self aware, this is not. Satire, parody, GTA knows what it is and it does that well, even if it does come close to the line sometimes. As creators we should be responsible for what our work says to the wider world and as people working in games, a medium at the forefront of being criticised for what we're saying we should be ultra aware. What is this game saying to people who play it?
  10. Pete_H


    "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein And if the game conveys that, that´s awesome. But it looks like you just walk around being a douche killing people who don´t deserve it for no reason. All through pretty run of the mill game mechanics. Like Vilham said context is relevant. And the GTA argument is invalid, you have the choice to kill in GTA and if you don´t (part of mission) then, like I said before, there´s usually a reason.
  11. Pete_H


    Ok so if the game is creating an anti-hero thats a super interesting character that you can do so much with. But I´m not getting that with the trailer. If the player is just a guy who wants to kill people, well tbh I want to know why? Like I would with any story in any medium. Even the guys in GTA have motivations, usually pretty un-savory ones. If the narrative isn´t important and it´s just about the game-play why bother having this setting / characters? Yeah guys, I'm a fucking psycho ! Can't wait to go outside with my 9mm and kill some dudes ! dude - pliz Obviously nobody here actually believes that otherwise we wouldn´t all be making games!
  12. Pete_H


    I just think when games are capable of so much more why aim so low? From the video I can´t see a narrative / world / characters that I would be interested in. I really dislike the protagonist. mechanics, twin stick shooter? Nothing super incredible, but nothing bad. From what I can see. Cultural impact? If this went big this would give anyone who´s trying to take a pop at gaming culture an easy shot. Compare this to Hotline Miami which does a tonne of interesting stuff, especially deeper into the game. What does this game bring to the table? Why does mindless fun have to be wrapped in "Gothic, troubled looking dude slaughters innocent people?" Which is a pretty horrible setting. Does it do anything clever with this subject? Any commentary on a situation like this? If it is mindless fun, wouldn´t it still be fun in a different setting?
  13. Pete_H

    Alien: Isolation

    haha to be fair they did a pretty decent job seeing as they are all so old now! Apart from Parker, he has obviously been smoking 60 a day for a good while now....
  14. Pete_H


    What an emo guy!