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  1. I guess it's a Marmite issue! I feel like the original SS already had very busy visuals with its repetitive tiled textures and cramped environments. Looking at screenshots of the original I can see why the lighting could be causing you readability issues. Maybe Nightdive should allow users to toggle some sort of readability mode that makes the environments full-bright (or at least more simplistic lighting) and gives items and monsters a very slight shadow around their edges to make them pop.
  2. I really like what they've done with the aesthetics so far. I want it to feel like a game space rather than a real place. I feel like the Bioshock games over-relied on visually impressive set-pieces which is fine because it's a different IP, but I wouldn't like to see SystemShock's design focus move in that direction.
  3. Without clicking the link, I'm going to guess Boomer, Sprinter, Fire Breather, Charger/Tank, Stealth/Hunter, Spitter.
  4. I personally still prefer to read games journalism than watch/listen. I've come across very few streamers who aren't annoying a/f. Most of them seem completely unwilling to actually script their content in advance or edit down their resulting jibberish before uploading. It's also easier to read discreetly during work hours.
  5. I hope that's not locked down. My usual 4-player coop group would eat this up.
  6. Oooh this is exciting. Good luck all, I can't wait to try out the results. I wish I could enter but I've got a baby due any day, so it's probably not even worth my time making and subsequently abandoning the usual WIP post.
  7. Looks pretty neat. It was kind of cringey when they called it an "unofficial 6th episode" though. That's the sort of thing the community has to decide, not the makers.
  8. Self motivation is a lot easier if there's a smattering of fear that a colleague might walk in to your office at any moment. I would think Valve's model would be more susceptible to the common problems of WFH, because they don't have such a rigid hierarchy enforcing deadlines and guiding development. Edit: I also wonder if Valve's model only works well when there's a big exciting project on the go. Even if there is something big like L4D3 or Alyx2 in the pipeline I feel like it would be difficult to maintain excitement when it's kept secret and you know all of your fanbase are only seeing boring steam updates or something. And if you're not excited by your work, self-motivation becomes that much more difficult.
  9. Quake is one of those games that keeps me coming back for a few months every year or so, and I'm always astonished by the quality content people put out for it. I've been mapping for it since it first released, but with very little to show for it publicly aside from the odd speed-map release here and there. I have a HDD full of scraps and half-finished levels which I want to release as an episode one day if I have time to piece it all together. Here's some pictures of the obligatory first base map. Do you map for it?
  10. I can highly recommend Menetettyjen Valtakunta if you haven't already played it. It isn't quite as visually spectacular as the more recent AD maps, but it's still pretty breath-taking in parts and it uses Copper mod which stays much more faithful to Quake's weird thematic mashup than AD.
  11. Versus mode never really clicked with me, but my friends and I still jump in to a campaign from time to time. I don't think anybody's ever made a better coop game. Looking forward to trying out the new content.
  12. I feel like Valve either got rid of -insecure mode or somehow changed it in a fairly recent update, but it's just a vague feeling so I may be talking out of my arse.
  13. I like the boxiness. It's very utilitarian, so it reinforces that "tin can floating in space" vibe that will contribute so much to the fear. I do agree that it doesn't seem like they've been making a lot of progress, though.
  14. "But you can't have exploration without curiosity..." That's like, soooo deep, dude. Pretentious guff aside, the visuals are worth skipping through the muted video.
  15. Nice progress. I think the lilac colour looks kind of ick though. A pastel green could work there, maybe in a slightly darker shade to offset those spotlights.
  16. text_fish

    Corona Virus

    So why not just look at some non-random ass crime level stats? It's easy, thanks to this new-fangled gizmotron they call the World Wide Cyber-Highway. The UK's ONS (Office For National Statistics) reports 726 homicides in the year ending March 2018. That works out at 12 offences per million population. Whilst in the US, the FBI estimate 16,214 in 2018. That's about 50 offences per million population. Both websites provide a similar enough definition of Homicide to make them a useful comparison. Blackdog's video above was a bit of fun and I'm sure that household is exceptional, but the person who bought those automatic rifles definitely has very unhealthy fantasies about unloading a shit-ton of bullets in to an intruder some day, and I don't think that particular mind-set is as exceptional as it should be.
  17. IIRC Mapcore's big CSGO contest seems to run biannually, but they run more frequent smaller contests as well, which tend to focus on something a bit less ambitious than a fully fledged 5v5 defusal map. I would advise contacting one of the admins directly from this page if you want to get involved -- it takes a lot of work for them to set up and run, so as we've only just come out of a big contest they might have some schedule restrictions. I for one would love to see a well sponsored contest that incentivises people to work on a lesser played map type like hostage rescue, wingman or arms race.
  18. Ahaa, I hadn't considered invisible, cheers! I guess I'll have to raise the player above the details, and place them with that in mind.
  19. Hi Erik, welcome to mapcore. You could see if you can get involved in sponsoring Mapcore's next contest, as long as that wouldn't prove some sort of conflict of interest. It would be great to see the competitive community open up to new maps more. Maybe you could talk to tournament operators about expanding the map pool. Obviously the classics are the only option for big-money tournaments, but there's nothing to say they couldn't run a little side-gig where knocked out teams (so not Fnatic, obviously) play for a runners-up prize on a pool of lesser known community maps? Exposure is priceless for aspiring creators.
  20. I'm doing some ground detail on my current csgo map. I'm using various rock and curb props to add visual interest, but I've made them non-solid so as not to obstruct player movement. The downside of this is that when a grenade, weapon or bomb gets dropped in these areas it's liable to be hidden by the prop. What's "best practice" in these situations? Is there a clip tool I'm missing that only blocks weapons/bomb?
  21. Why do you think Valve or anybody would bother to take that stuff out of a public build?
  22. The CSGO team released a statement yesterday stating that it's a reposted leak from 2017/18 and having reviewed it they don't believe it poses a risk.
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