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I have this old wacom tablet running on COM, and I figure it's about time to join this decade, instead of the previous one.

I've been looking a lot at the Wacom Bamboo, but I'm wondering if anyone have some experience with it, or know if it's as good as it looks or even worth the money at all ;o

linx to description

Btw, I need it for drawing, obviously. It look rather rad, but I can't find anything drawing specific information about it.

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I'm tempted to get me one of those Graphires...

Totally do man, as a techy they let you want to draw more, they are pretty cheap for what they are and very good and last long. And if you don't use them to draw, they are so much better for browsing the Internet and your PC then a mouse... in my opinion of course.

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Get it at ebay - it's cheaper and wacom should be that much of quality that you can use it in second generation as well.

yeah, also the fact that alot of people buy wacoms but end up almost never using them (like 95% of people in my class). There's alot of hardly used wacoms you can find on ebay.

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I don't have access to ebay, living in Denmark. But I'll figure something out. For now, I still have my old tablet that works. Maybe the intous will drop in price ;o

Thanks for all the help though. At least now I've avoided buying some shit I can't use :)

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Because if I order stuff from the US, I have to find someone willin gto ship it that far, and if it even does get here, I have to pay twice the amount of what it costs due to shitty taxings and import rules... So it'd be silly :|

Oh, and I connected my old tablet. Apparently, it's an Intous, and the first of the series.

I just did a quick ~5 min sketch to see if it still works..

I uploaded it here


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