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  1. Popping in to say congrats mate! :3
  2. I may not be very forum active anymore, but I reckon it's time for another yearly post! This is me at a friend's place getting ready to head out for a pirate party She helped me pick out the parts for the costume. She called me the day before and told me I had to go, so I was really in a rush, but it ended up pretty good She also did the makeup.
  3. ????? In all the time I played I had literally zero lag issues. Maybe your settings are too high and it's in fact an FPS issue instead? Also sniper instagibs if you'd stop firing the bullets like it's a semen sprayer and actually try to make a headshot. This is BF, it's always been like this. But yah, I imagine it's not a game for everyone.
  4. Tali and liara are the hardest. You need to literally NOT DO ANY ASSIGNMENTS OR MISSIONS until you have them both in your party if you want to get the achievements. It's gotten a BIT easier after the DLC, but it's still a bitch. I needed the material gathering to get them.
  5. Played the beta for roughly 4 hours and found it to be pretty damn amazing. Definitely glad I preordered this, brings back good memories from 2142. Seems pretty refined too. I especially like the new knife and the fact you don't get tired after sprinting for 5 seconds anymore (infinite sprint). Knife feels a lot more like a weapon that it does in cod4, and even the older BF games, though you now use it on a melee button instead of a seperate weapon. Takes some skill to get it right, but I find that to be a better quality than everyone just randomly slashing in a direction like in cod4. The en
  6. Which is the same time as xbox.
  7. This. OpFor was AMAZING. Half-life was groundbreaking though, and had a great story. Without Half-Life there'd be no OpFor, and they're both awesome in their own way. However, for multiplayer, OpFor wins hands down. Also, Shephard is ace. And I actually felt he had more personality than Gordon Freeman.. Though that doesn't really say a lot. OpFor also had more variety in weapons and enemies, and some really tricky levels (Fuck you level with the explosives and tripwires all over the place, and stupid black ops people with grenade launchers not caring if they blow the whole shit up). The te
  8. All you bitches preordering the CE... Everywhere I've looked with a decent pricetag it's been sold out. Had to get the regular version, since I don't feel like paying £80 for a CE for x360. Can't wait to play the game though. And I'll probably end up picking up the digital deluxe for pc at some point, so I guess I'll still get the nifty art stuff.. Just in a more boring version
  9. Been pimping this game to all my friends any chance I got, and I just now bought it. I've had a blast, but mostly playing the fun game modes. I have to agree some of the tracks seem a bit big and eventless, but others are completely fine. Maybe it's a matter of taste. The puck game mode is hilarious, and watching the puck turn on it's side and run around the course by itself after I punchglove punched it was hilarious. There seems to be a bit of lag, and pretty horribly so, but I might have gotten a bad server. But that aside, the game is awesome Good job. And I'll continue pimping it ou
  10. I've gotten this from a lot of games recently, but not Dead Space for some reason. It does annoy the fuck out of me that the camera is so close to the player though. But the first 10 minutes of Borderlands almost made me throw up and left me with a major headache... Audiosurf and Guitar Hero makes everything around me spin and feel wavy aside from the nausea and headaches. I dunno if that's a fov issue too, but it means I can't even play the games :/ I don't know what's with all those low FOVs lately. Bioshock had a freaky one too, but at least it didn't make me sick. But maybe that's all bec
  11. Pretty sweet so far. For the price at least (1300 DKK, or roughly $235). I don't actually know what panel it is, but looking at the specs, a qualified guess would be TN. Comparing to my Dell monitor with an S-IPS panel, it really is lacking a lot of colour, but it's also a monitor that's 4 inches larger at about 1/4th of the price, so I think I'll live.
  12. Cybbe

    TRON Legacy

    I'm pretty sure the first screenshot of the two is from GLTron. The lightcycle game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GLtron EDIT: Which btw is a pretty awesome game as well. Just make sure to play it with a few friends.
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