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The results will be announced on the 22nd of December

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In case you guys haven't seen it, the rankings have been posted!


There is a delay in posting the individual scorecards. Sorry about that, but I'm working on that right now...


Instead of using Excel like everyone else, cityy decided to fill his scorecard out in Numbers and sent me a .numbers file. I tried exporting it to .xlsx, but it still broke my master score sheet. I now have to copy/paste every single cell from Numbers into Excel. FFS, cityy! :shake:


Lunaran decided to write an essay for each map so I fixed the layout a bit to accomodate. SyncError decided to use decimal scores which I did not take into consideration when doing the maths on the master score sheet.


I probably should have provided better instructions to the other judges. FML. :(


Congrats to all the participants for some valiant efforts, and expecially a big congrats to the top placing winners, much deserved with some amazing maps that have clearly surpassed my expectations.


Here are some extra smilies!!






UPDATE: Scores are up!



Download all the individual judge's scorecards for detailed comments.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, I enjoyed following the making of the maps a lot and even more so I enjoyed playing all the submitted maps in the end. :) I think everyone did a great job and can be proud of the results!


Also thanks to Sprony for taking the initiative and organizing this great event and the sponsors for showing so much love! Special thanks to Obsidian for dealing with my incapability!  :D

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Thanks for organizing this contest, Sprony! I could not imagine nicer way for me to get into level design in Quake! Congratulations to everyone who created maps and to judges for fair judgement! I enjoyed mapping for this game and even though I failed to create quality map this time, there are going to be more contests in the future that I will participate! O_o 


Thanks to the community and my family for supporting me during contest and university time. It means a lot to me. Big hug!


PS: Special Congrats to winners! Holy shit. This engine has 15 years and still maps can amaze!

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I enjoyed mapping for this game and even though I failed to create quality map this time

You're being overly hard on yourself. You had a really great map entry, it was sadly hurt by some of the technical hurdles that it takes to getting a good working map in an engine that you aren't familiar with. But it was great in concept and played pretty well too. I hope you fix it up and see more stuff from you to come.

Overall, I would like to thank all the competitors for their efforts and proving that even after 15 years the Q3 level design community is still running strong with maps created both by seasoned veterans and new comers alike. Thanks to my fellow judges for their dedication and trying to get the results out during this busy season. Huge thanks to Sprony for organizing the event and gathering sponsors for some awesome prizes. It's been a fun one!

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