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  1. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, I enjoyed following the making of the maps a lot and even more so I enjoyed playing all the submitted maps in the end. I think everyone did a great job and can be proud of the results! Also thanks to Sprony for taking the initiative and organizing this great event and the sponsors for showing so much love! Special thanks to Obsidian for dealing with my incapability!
  2. Basically, what I mean is that your map has a lot of prominent areas due to the fact that everything is overly well connected. I am not only referring to walkable paths but also to visual connections, lines of sight, factors that make it hard to avoid damage. I think that FFA is a lot about estimating potential sources of damage. If you are at point X you should position yourself in a way that allows you to predict potential fresh spawners or opponents approaching you from close connections. That's why it's good to offer prominent areas and safer routes or positions. The overall openness and the concentric structure of your layout doesn't go very well together with that (yet). Regarding performance, one thing might solve another here. I can already tell you that you are not going to be able to get the map to perform well keeping this open structure and/or the great level of detail you worked out. Id tech3 simply isn't good at running maps like yours. You need to try and separate areas to create sections for the engine to render. Right now it really renders most of the map all of the time, no matter where you are. Another thing I'd like to mention is the feedback of your floor surfaces. It's not really a game breaker but something you should consider more next time IMO. The wooden planks you use can get quite funky in combination with rockets and the way splash damage works. You never really know if your rocket is going to hit the horizontal plane of a plank or the vertical plane. What surface is hit always has an impact on the splash damage and creates a little bit of randomness for the players. Additionally, the heavy usage of irregular terrain can have the same effect. I realize some of it is clipped but some of it also isn't. This doesn't only affect splash but also makes movement a bit unpredictable. Don't let my potentially harsh sounding words discourage you though. This is an outstanding piece of work not many people could have accomplished. Keep going!
  3. Looks like it is going somewhere. It's a pity I can't comment as much as I would like to Edit: This does obviously apply to all other entries as well.
  4. You will have to create a new sky shader. Also, everyone interested in this particular topic might want to read this: http://q3map2.everyonelookbusy.net/shader_manual/apI.htm
  5. Check this out: http://www.quake3world.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=866841&sid=ad515cf0c01696f94084ca2acc81963c#p866841
  6. You really shouldn't infuse people with your blending obsession hipshot. :-)
  7. Maybe this helps: http://www.simonoc.com/pages/articles/terrain2_1.htm
  8. Something you might find useful: You can use _minlight to establish a solid minimum light level or _ambient to increase the power of all your entity light sources. Select any brush that is not part of a func_ and hit 'N' to bring up the entity inspector. In there you can add the mentioned keys. Good values are probably around 15-20. Not that you should use this only for testing.
  9. I really dislike this feature. I don't know if a game that is essentially cpm needs even more movement freedom. More movement freedom eventually just means that the game removes a depth aspect from the level design (increasing the # of possible routes and connections to take for the player). What they really should do is make the already existing movement visible to new players. 90% or more of the people who play quake don't know what a circle jump is or how to do it. That's the real problem this franchise has. The game has enough gameplay features to it, they are just all a result from coding bugs and not intuitively designed. And no, tutorials are not going to help. Nobody wants to do a tutorial in order to enjoy a game. Warsow tried adding on top of cpm with their dash and wall jumps - fact is that the response was not overwhelming (partially because it made the game even more messy, partially because you need an extra key on the keyboard for those features). I don't see how the stake gun in reflex is going to be any better than that. I don't know how they intend to use the stake gun in praxis but next to the level design/position/movement aspect I also think that new players should not be put in front of even more choices regarding weapon usage, since quake 3 already has 10 guns half of which new players don't know how or when to use.
  10. Played the original and enjoyed it a lot. I might as well just get the new edition.
  11. This +1000 if it aint broken, don't fix it! Ah well, add me up mofos, I feel like getting back to QL. HelderP They did it in order to be able to add the new in game medals (midair, rampage, combo kill...). The old announcer voice apparently isn't with id anymore.
  12. Bump! Only one more week until the competition starts and less than a month to go until signups close.
  13. Guys, don't forget you need to open a thread on the MSG forums to sign up if you haven't already.
  14. Go for it! Id tech 3 relys pretty much entirely on BSP and is very easy to work with. Here are tutorials for working with QuakeLive: http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?29533-Getting-Started Tutorials for Quake 3 are all over the web.
  15. For the fifth time, MaverickServers is hosting a Quake 3/Quake Live level design competition. Mappers from the community are encouraged to participate; veteran mappers and those looking to get into mapping are welcome to join in on the fun. Prizes will be awarded to the best maps. The contest will start on June 9th and run for 12 weeks until August 31st; judging will begin for 1 week later. Registration deadline is 4 weeks after the start date on July 6th. Sapphire, Wacom, and id Software are already sponsoring and there are more to come (if you are interested in donating please PM MaverickMSG on IRC). Rules The map should be able to hold at least 8 players suitable for 4v4 TDM/CTF or 8 players FFA or be a 1v1 map (although 1v1/tournament maps will be held to the same quality levels as more complex TDM/CTF maps) Doesn't necessarily have to support a specific gametype or mod, but you are welcome to specify one Map must be previously unreleased and a new design. Please no map remakes or edits. Map must contain sponsor images. Full rule listing at the main competition website Judging Will be done by a panel of experienced players and mappers who are familiar with that map's chosen audience (ie: a CPM map is judged by CPM players, a CTF map is judged by CTF players, etc) Scored primarily on gameplay/design and also on overall looks, creativity, and layout Judges: TBA Competition Links: Main Page, Forums, #maverickservers Previous Competition: ESR Post, Main Page
  16. Heyho, I didn't post in a while but here is some stuff I made for the most recent QuakeLive update. Q2DM1 Remake - The Edge is property of id Software, LLC. Images used with permission. Remake of my Quake III level Left Behind (ct3dm5) Cold Cathode (Capture the flag - QL exclusive) I wrote down a few things about this on my Blog. Cheers
  17. cityy

    Q1 - In the Shadows

    This looks so cool! Great work.
  18. Xonotic - a community arena FPS running on the Darkplaces engine.
  19. Put another 1.5 hours of work into this one today - not been working on it for a while. It's taking shape however.
  20. I see, that makes sense. I've seen people literally setting up a 3 dimensional grid for painting (like in this video: ) - maybe I will try that too. Not sure how to set it up yet but I guess it wont be too hard.
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