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Alec Moody- Hard Surface/environment


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Hi everyone. I have a new layout I am testing and I am looking for feedback. I'm using css so that if you have insufficient window resolution it will dynamically scale the page.


My goal with the design is to produce a very low effort website that provides an immediate impression of my work and allows for large images.

I have some new work coming soon so I'm not so much looking for feedback on the content right now.

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Hey Alec! :)

Been following your work for a while now, and a year or so ago, content wise, your portfolio looked promising but it wasn't quite there yet, but now it's shaping up to be world class quality, so congrats on keep on kicking ass and keep on improving!

Not only that, you even shared some really good tuts, so my biggest respects for that!

Content wise it's awesome, good presentation of objects, you show texture sheets and wireframes. You know what I would love to see you tackle now? A full blown environment, curious to see if you have what it takes! ;)))

In regards to the portfolio webpage, It's awesome how the images just resize and snap to the borders of the browser. But if you use your browser at 24" at 1920px, the thumbnails get a little bit too big for my taste, I wonder if there's a way to limit how wide it can go?

Also, in the about section the text is way too big!

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