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  1. I love the visual style of the map, I wish you luck and I came with feedback! I found a Bomb stuck Spot in middle.
  2. The map is so clean and simple, I think it might be taken seriously in competitive mode!
  3. I spent some minutes running about it and this is the only "bug" i found.
  4. This map feels like classic CS! I like the outdoor areas. Nice map and good luck!
  5. Really cool map, really cool team! Hope it gets far, I like the lighting and the fog, it gives a lot of atmosphere!
  6. This is a really cool map, I like the colors. looking forward to it.
  7. More like a 2d skybox, the one you shown in the screenshots seems blank, I think the aztec one will fit the most. (I think it's named jungle or vietnam in the files)
  8. I love the lighting and the tropical theme, i hope you give it some nice tropical sounds and a nice skybox! Wish you all the luck with this map, im sure i'll play it.
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