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  1. Is the idea to have the conveyor belt connect to the rest of the map? Or is it simply for hiding? Seems a little OP at that depth for hiding? Really cool bombsite though.
  2. Did you make those yellow, red and blue blend textures yourself? Looks awesome btw!
  3. Version 1 of grey-box in the process of being uploaded to the workshop now
  4. Have updated the map on the workshop. Should go live over the coming days. This version is quite old though. Have already moved far past this, and plan on getting another version out ASAP. Would be interested to hear what people do and do not like about it though. Cheers.
  5. What about a Megadeth - Hangar 18 type feel? Set in an army base in Roswell New Mexico. Could cash in on an Area 51 theme. Just a thought.
  6. Hi all, thanks for the feedback. Have slowly been adding lanes etc to the map. Current workshop state is incredibly rough, and mostly for internal testing with friends but does include a more overall idea now. Map has progressed quite a lot since then, as new ideas and other factors have come in to play. More connectors and more established areas. This being said I am hoping to upload a fully functional grey box of the full map by the end of the coming weekend for feedback. Discovering that the way workflow in my job works, is different and less efficient for mapping. It is allowing be to problem solve differently though. So hopefully each new revision is cleaner and clearer for you guys than it otherwise would have been. Tricks of the trade
  7. The second reference image, are you from around there? It is 2 minutes from my house! If it was in a map, I would for sure be playing. Looking really good so far.
  8. Perhaps windows into B could work? Also go caught jumping around the map in a couple places. Nothing major.
  9. Workshop Link & Update Log: Workshop link and a continual update log will be found here. Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1860858538 Update Log: 13th September 2019 - Super simple, mid only grey-box added to workshop. No bombsites yet. Testing started to try and form opinions on width and height of spaces, as well as their 'fun' factor. Please feel free to give any feedback 25th September 2019 - Rough layout and lane set up added to workshop. Testing distances and width of lanes/connectors.
  10. Hey, cheers for the advice! Had thought this might come up! It would be super easy to over-colour the map and have it be too busy for sure! Im hoping to maybe just stick to yellow and green on the favela like buildings as they are similar enough. Time will tell I guess?
  11. Reminds me A LOT of Oasis from Wolfenstein ET. Which is a good thing, because that game and map chewed up a lot of my childhood time. Maximum fun. The lore of that map was based around the terrorists trying to blow up a water pump providing the only source of water to the city from memory? Could be something to look into?
  12. An initial sketched/painted/photoshopped layout. A basic structure to work from during grey blocking.
  13. A map set in the heart of Santa Marta, Brazil; the colorful favela's. The concept is to meld the natural elements of the hillside, with the bright and fun building's of the local area, mixing in local culture and a third element (using artistic license) to bring lore and reasoning for the map's existence. My Goals: To bring elements of maps across all FPS' that I enjoy, into something fresh and new. I do not want these features to be obvious, but rather comparable when pointed out. Create art that is both fun, beautiful and exciting, but also clear and gives a real sense of where on the map the player is. Allow this project to stimulate my love of problem solving. Concept art and reference to follow. Enjoy Freesh Milk.
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