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  1. I will be on a bycicle-tour for the next 11 days, after that I will go for a playtest asap. I should probably go for TopHattWaffle, I guess. Or is there any other play-testing-service I could try? Also I am working on the bot-issue since they want to use that one route they cant use every single round...
  2. A lot of work and vacation. Will be working on it again in about 2 weeks or sth.
  3. Adding space to B and windows in some of the doors would be really good I guess. I donĀ“t really like the heaven thing though. I think adding a heaven is kinda nice but I would only make it accessable from spot itself, since I like the idea of having A sealed from mid until you get into A-Site itself, which is pretty unique. Or you could make a skill jump / boost in mid to access it. Thanks for taking a look tho. @P0TAT0
  4. Holy this works so good... Huge shoutout to Terri, radar was always so time consuming... Also thanks @Interfearance for the reminder.
  5. I will next time thanks a lot
  6. New radar, some layout changes, very small detailing and I went from dev-texures to concrete just for the better look.
  7. You can actually only open the big door from A-Site itself. After you press the button you have about 12 seconds to go through or to let your teammates in. Also the red window can be opened and closed with the buttons. Thought it might add some fun stuff to play around with.
  8. Steam-Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1816805710 I tried to take a completly different attempt on the bombsites. Hope you like it, be sure to leave any feedback tho Spawn-areas will be worked on. Buttons on A-Site will open and close the window and open the door. Theme is going to be moon-base-based, still looking for good reference pics. Also it is very greybox and all the lighting and stuff will be worked on later. Just wanted to put this out here to maybe get some thoughts on the layout. GL and HF mapping ~C-NAP
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