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  1. Ive been working on this map again quite a bit in the last time, greybox is soon to be finished, the map is now called "Base Selene". If you are interested in it even more, Ive been talking about the updates on youtube a bit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW7xMG1QYqqwkurHPj0NYoA There is also a new workshop for it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2297375610 These screenshots are from whats going to happen in the next small update: Radar: Rest: As always, any feedback is appreciated. Have a nice day Also, should I make a new thread for this in 3d? Since this contest is done for over a year already and the map name changed.
  2. Hope so too @Tapport Here are some progress pictures:
  3. I got really inspired when looking at the architecture of Ricardo Bofills home "La Fábrica". This map is in a very early state and not really playable yet. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated nonetheless. I am especially bad at placing cover so if you can give me any hint on where that would be great. One of the passages should be close ranged combat I guess. Here are the first screenshots with reference: Also here is the workshop link even if it is a veery early state.
  4. Another pretty big update. Not on Steam yet since some timings got fucked up. Will work on that asap. Mid control now is actually worth something. CT T and Mid are completely new and everything is a bit prettier.
  5. Map has been updated again. A gained a lot of space and everything got kinda blocked out I guess. Also, buttons now show what they do, mid got a roof, some cover added. Hope to get some feedback on the layout soon, also it´s kinda hard to get good spots to throw grenades or reference pics. New Radar and connector in front of A: Some "before-after" pics:
  6. Overall the lighting is kinda fucked up atm. Everything is really bright and hard to look at. Also some of the narrow ways feel pretty odd, would make them a bit bigger. I wouldnt reccomend having the tree model as cover on terris auto radar, maybe add the cage stuff on the bottom. Also the ground stuff when the texture changes shouldnt be solid. Would move the right box slightly left and definitely lower the left one, since the headglitch to mid is really weird. Just from the feeling of the spot. Also the clip on the left box is kinda odd. I like the spot back here but dont really understand the clipping in here. 2 weird sightlines that shouldnt be there imo:
  7. Update time. Since the map wasn´t ready for playtesting due to its very early state, I started blocking out some stuff and reacted to some of the feedback rzl gave me . Will further work on it until it´s ready and then retry the playtesting service. Workshop is updated, take a look.
  8. I´m back btw and made some kind of "playtesting-update" you now have a bit more space, minor clipping was made and some really small detailing. Will submit the version that is now on the workshop to one of the playtesting services soon. Screenshots are on the steam-workshop, but will still have to be verified. So for now here are some of the screens:
  9. I will be on a bycicle-tour for the next 11 days, after that I will go for a playtest asap. I should probably go for TopHattWaffle, I guess. Or is there any other play-testing-service I could try? Also I am working on the bot-issue since they want to use that one route they cant use every single round...
  10. A lot of work and vacation. Will be working on it again in about 2 weeks or sth.
  11. Adding space to B and windows in some of the doors would be really good I guess. I don´t really like the heaven thing though. I think adding a heaven is kinda nice but I would only make it accessable from spot itself, since I like the idea of having A sealed from mid until you get into A-Site itself, which is pretty unique. Or you could make a skill jump / boost in mid to access it. Thanks for taking a look tho. @P0TAT0
  12. Holy this works so good... Huge shoutout to Terri, radar was always so time consuming... Also thanks @Interfearance for the reminder.
  13. New radar, some layout changes, very small detailing and I went from dev-texures to concrete just for the better look.
  14. You can actually only open the big door from A-Site itself. After you press the button you have about 12 seconds to go through or to let your teammates in. Also the red window can be opened and closed with the buttons. Thought it might add some fun stuff to play around with.
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