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  1. sorry ive been kinda lazy on development of the map but here is my latest version on the workshop right now: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1923448540 only one site is currently in a "playable" state and i still need to make alot of changes but feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Some [WIP] images of the middle area. once this and the second bomb site are finished i'll release the map to the workshop and start play testing and editing it to feedback.
  3. Yeah eventually the conveyer belt will lead to the other side of the map. Also glad you like the look of the bombsite.
  4. https://youtu.be/_idRJJAkLQM A preview of the site i've been working on this week. probably did a bit too much detailing tho.
  5. though the theme is similar this map will be very different to yours. also im not literally making a mine like you have Edit: cool map tho
  6. My plan is the make a coal mining and storage facility set in the Australian outback. I've been working on the A site since yesterday. sorry to remake the thread, i forgot to tag it with [WIP]
  7. a map set in the headquarters of an Australian mining company in the backdrop of the Australian outback. The red deserts are really unique and haven't really been seen anywhere in CSGO.
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