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Creating your own 4wayblend material with Danger Zone style grass


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Creating a custom grass variant for the Danger Zone
1. Open your GCFSCAPE and after open pak01_dir.vpk in "Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo" go to "materials/hr_massive" and found there broken_road_1_4wayblend_1.vmt. Extract that file into your materials folder, for example: "../csgo/materials/my_project_folder", and rename it, example: my_custom_4wayblend_material.vmt.

2. Go back to pak01_dir.vpk and find the detailsprites_survival.vmt file in "materials/detail", then extract it to "../csgo/materials/detail"
[Notice] Rename detailsprites_survival.vmt, for example: detailsprites_test.vmt.

3. Open the extracted file and delete the lines below to remove the texture that controls the density of the grass.
$worldspacetint "detail/test_massive9_grass_tint"
$worldspacetype "detail/test_massive9_grass_type"


4. Go to "../Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo" and find there detail.vbsp. Open him (You can use Notepad++) and find there the cluster "survival_grass_2". Copy that and paste after that cluster, but with new name, for example: survival_grass_theowl.

Find line (inside the cluster) "associated_material" "detail\detailsprites_survival" and replace "detail\detailsprites_survival" to your custom texture which you created recently. Example:
"associated_material" "detail\detailsprites_mycustommap")

5. Inside your custom vmt file ("my_custom_4wayblend_material.vmt") you should replace %detailtype survival_grass_2 to %detailtype <your name of cluster inside detail.vbsp>", for example: %detailtype survival_grass_theowl
Custom 4WayBlend .vmt file

Download VMT Editor
Download Notepad++

Experiment with it and create cool maps! ?

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