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  1. Here's some recent progress on the A site area of Inferno. You can find the full monthly development update on our subreddit which also includes some new weapon models!
  2. I updated the original post with more information and screenshots. Here's some recent work in progress pics of Inferno, created by the talented poLemin!
  3. I thought I'd update this thread with some more of our recent work. We've recently shown off progress on our versions of Inferno and Poolday in our weekly devlogs I post on our Twitter. fy_poolday_csco Preview (created by Quoting) de_inferno_csco Preview (created by poLemin) de_nuke_csco (created by Quoting)
  4. Classic Offensive is an in-development community-made mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. CO aims to bring Counter Strike back to its roots with completely remade classic maps, character models, and weapons that hearken back to their original versions while also keeping many of the improvements that CSGO has made. Classic Offensive was successfully Greenlit by the community and will see a free Steam release in the future. Since its initial ModDB release, the team has expanded, and nearly everything has been rebuilt from the ground up. Support and Follow Our Development We post development updates on our Twitter and Reddit. You can also support us on Patreon. Join us on our Discord server. We are currently looking for more developers! We are in need of skilled mappers and modelers. Feel free to send me a message here on Mapcore if you are interested in assisting in CO's development! Map Previews I'll keep this section up to date with some of the pictures I'll post further on in this thread. de_train_csco Preview (created by Quoting) de_nuke_csco Preview (created by Quoting) de_inferno_csco Preview (created by poLemin) fy_poolday_csco Preview (created by Quoting) fy_iceworld_csco Preview (created by Quoting)
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