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  1. ThManWhoSoldTheWorld


    You know dust2 rework is based on Kasbah?
  2. ThManWhoSoldTheWorld

    De_Hollywood [WIP]

    Thanks for information, now its a hollywood.
  3. ThManWhoSoldTheWorld

    De_Hollywood [WIP]

    Hi everyone! So I started working on my map and I want to share some screenshots with you! Map theme is based on Paramount Studio, LA, there will be a small city and few hangars with backstage. At this moment i made a basic shape of map and half of the shop building.
  4. ThManWhoSoldTheWorld


    This map look very good I like your theme
  5. ThManWhoSoldTheWorld

    [WIP] de_icbm

    You should download stuff from de_depot map, there is a lot of rocket models from csgo:beta