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  1. de_icbm Alpha Version 1: Images. I think this will be the only update for this month, because real life. Feel free to provide feedback. No GameBanana post yet. Now up; check title post.
  2. Are you placing it in the right folder?
  3. Um, it's not fully indoors anymore.
  4. A view of Bombsite A (fast compile, fov 100):
  5. Update: Layout kind of ready, but no cover yet and needs some revisions regarding sightlines and rotate times. Also, very small map (2400x2400). Also, now it's no longer fully indoors. I hope there isn't any problem if I post my map to, since I cannot post to Steam Workshop....
  6. A defusal map based on destroying Stage 1 of an ICBM or the propellant fuel. Question: Is making a fully indoor map (ie. no sky, all bounded) okay? I've never seen it done before... Edit: GameBanana post is now up.