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  1. Roy

    MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 5.0

    Requesting ICBM re-reschedule to 17th August (Thursday), if possible. If not, requesting re-reschedule to 20th August (Sunday).
  2. Roy

    MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 5.0

    Can ICBM get a reschedule to 13th August (Sunday)?
  3. Roy

    [WIP] de_icbm

    So, there's been an update to Mid, and a proper overview +bug fixes. Optimization still in progress. I think it's time for getting this playtested. A Site feels really hard for Ts to even get to without being shot in the back. Don't use the gamebanana version of the map for the time being. It's outdated. PS not a jump from CT to rest of map. It's a bug.
  4. Roy

    [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    Don't you think the T approach times are a bit too long? Anyway, it's just a rough layout after all.
  5. Roy

    [WIP] de_icbm

    de_icbm Alpha Version 1: Images. I think this will be the only update for this month, because real life. Feel free to provide feedback. No GameBanana post yet. Now up; check title post.
  6. Roy

    WIP cs_spacebase

    Are you placing it in the right folder?
  7. Roy

    [WIP] de_icbm

    Um, it's not fully indoors anymore.
  8. Roy

    [WIP] de_icbm

    A view of Bombsite A (fast compile, fov 100):
  9. Roy

    [WIP] de_icbm

    Update: Layout kind of ready, but no cover yet and needs some revisions regarding sightlines and rotate times. Also, very small map (2400x2400). Also, now it's no longer fully indoors. I hope there isn't any problem if I post my map to Gamebanana.com, since I cannot post to Steam Workshop....
  10. Roy

    [WIP] de_icbm

    A defusal map based on destroying Stage 1 of an ICBM or the propellant fuel. Question: Is making a fully indoor map (ie. no sky, all bounded) okay? I've never seen it done before... Edit: GameBanana post is now up. http://gamebanana.com/wips/47154