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  1. how do you make such nice rocks, what texture size are they?
  2. Haven't had that much time. Readjusted some minor stuff on A. But redesigned B. Moved the platform wayyy out, moved the platform wayy down and redesigned the cover on the site. Pics: https://imgur.com/a/4ODSDxb Radar:
  3. Fixed some minor stuff, moved stuff even more around on B. Map is ready for the next playtests now Radar
  4. After more playtesting, redesigned B site, redesigned A long/mid completely.
  5. https://github.com/Terri00/CS-GO-Auto-Radar And tophatt just released a tutorial!
  6. Really like the rain & the sounds, very nice!
  7. After a comp playtest in the source engine discord, we got a lot of feedback. It's cool to have different peoples opinion on stuff, but people are still really scared to actually "push" or get to the aggresive CT timings, and prefers staying back thinking they don't have time to setup (they do). You can easily go into B short, molly the T entrance and go down to the tunnel. (Or take control of the entire A area, 3 CTs) Even so much that T spawn has been moved forward a little bit. Changes: Middle 1. Added a "sign" or top cover to the tunnel + Added cover to reward CT aggresion deep in "middle". + Changed sandbags to a whitebox to avoid the headshot angle. + Removed the headshot Cart at the end of A long for T's, now have full body cover to the side. 2. Made the defensive CT option for A long a bit more safe, now have leg cover you can crouch (plus the tunnel enclosement at the top). 3. Added a little bit of cover for defensive a short play. + Closed off the little cubby 4. Again the top of the tunnel closed off + cubby to the left made much smaller. (Powerful position, but should make CT's dedicate 3 players to hold A/mid A Site 1. Extended little narrow box for retake gameplay + Made the walkway seethrough. 2. Made the A long back box much smaller (makes it easier to dance around), and if you aren't up close to the box, you are open from con/short A. + Made the stair segment a bit smaller so you avoid headshot angles B Site 1. Fixed the headshot box + Removed elevation change at the edge of site (makes it harder to sneak by) + Simplified the back of B. (Whole site is a lot more simple now) 2. B short cubby extended in + made the floor look like shit with wood (to make it easier to dinstinguish between long B and short B pushes). T Spawn 1. Pushed the corridor a bit at the end (it feels a bit shorter now). + Removed 2 minecarts and made it a bit smaller Same is done outside B, and the room in T spawn has been made smaller. Radar Thanks to everyone for their feedback and opinions!
  8. Played a bit more and got more nice feedback, change the general routing of T spawn to make it more intuitive regarding what site to runto, and visibility generally. Minor tweaks all around. Started to learn basic of 3d modelling so we can get custom assets, it's gonna be a long journey but it's gonna be fun! Some positive feedback on the layout lately so i hope it's gonna be good in the end! Album: https://imgur.com/a/0YKlxIq Layout:
  9. Looks amazing, contest is over boys pack it up... You should post a video/tutorial of painting the displacement mountains like that
  10. https://github.com/Terri00/CS-GO-Auto-Radar
  11. After the playtest (casual) with the source community, we got a lot of feedback. Me and Krug (who's helping) decided to listen to what everyone said, and tried to do a version with most suggestions. We didn't like it at all, and it felt completely like a three lane map (removing the B entrance to the mid/pipe), and removing the cool original layout stuff we had done. We went back to the original map and did the changes, where we still had some of the "cool" ideas from the beginning. We also thought people didn't use grenades and just camped sites, so we thought we should probably simplify some stuff / expand on other stuff to "help" the T's and the CT's in different ways. That meant redesigning A site/ A long completely, shifting T spawn back so the CT's have much more time to setup outside A, and even contest the pipe/mid at the start of the round, which we didn't want in the beginning. TLDR: Lots of changes, linked album with some pics and the minimap We probably still need to change some stuff, and appreciate the feedback, it's surely different to see it in a big casual setting. Album: Layout:
  12. Closed off the map to make it more "apropriate" for playtesting (meaning it is actually underground). Redid everything about short B + T spawn, changed the timings so CT's have more time to setup. Album + minimap: https://imgur.com/a/aZjUoUA
  13. Updated the layout a bit, shifted back the connector, changed B site.
  14. Played it a bit, redesigned the sites a bit, did a proper minimap, added wingman support. It is playable now. Album: https://imgur.com/a/AmBGiPN
  15. Thank you very much for the feedback! On A i agree, i changed the bombsite layout a bit with some ideas from a friend, and i lowered the upper part. I don't want a regular mid, i want a "mid" like overpass connector which is a glorified T rotation point, that CT's can take control over (and in this case it being more rewarding and harder to do so). I want the main battlefield to be the area outside A, so the T's fight for map control there, and CT's could possibly even play 3 there and take the map control/slowly take middle. This also results in retakes being a somewhat regular thing, but if CT's play aggresive they can gather info and rotates can come in time (and rotates on this map are very quick in my opinion?) I'm still very uncertain about the area where the door is, i feel like the door itself is fine and will make more sense with detailing, but maybe not how could i change it in your opinion? Again thanks for the feedback, just trying to give my 2 cents on how i imagine it to play out. (A mix of overpass and cobblestone) Bonus pic of changed A:
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