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  1. [RELEASED] Realtime CSG - level design for Unity!

    Realtime-CSG has a stairs generator these days: Also meshes are now better optimized Realtime-CSG is 25% off! Get it while its on sale!
  2. [RELEASED] Realtime CSG - level design for Unity!

    Version 1.400 now has support for chamfering (beveling)! Click here for more details :)
  3. [RELEASED] Realtime CSG - level design for Unity!

    Version 1.336 has been released and has improved brush editing: The post also contains an update on the valve map importer I'm working on Also, in a previous version ray-dragging of objects was added (I guess I never posted about it here)
  4. [RELEASED] Realtime CSG - level design for Unity!

    Realtime CSG version 1.330 now has improved support to create curved brushes! (available from the update site https://prenominal.nl/updates/ , asset store downloads are somewhat behind)
  5. [RELEASED] Realtime CSG - level design for Unity!

    Well I'm an Unity employee .. I'm pretty sure Unity wouldn't like me making a plugin for UE4
  6. Hi! I would like to introduce you to this project I've been working on for the last two years. It's a CSG level editor plugin for Unity that performs CSG in real-time! But instead of just telling you about it, let me just show you a couple of things you can do with it .. Interested? You can find more information on the project page! Here's a youtube with the plugin in action! Thanks for your time!
  7. Mapcore Introductions Thread

    Hi, I'm Sander and I work at Unity. I also work on my real-time CSG level editor for unity in my spare time ..