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    Corona Virus

    Vaccination is a super complex topic, so I'm afraid of commenting on it and saying something stupid. I understand some of the anti-vaccination arguments/thoughts people can have, because like ThunderKeil described, choosing to administer a vaccine to your kid, for instance, feels like the responsibility is on you if there's a side effect. Those thoughts are related to the fact that when you have to make that kind of decision, the perspective is that of yourself, your family etc. not that of society as whole. You have to play good-cop-bad-cop in your mind about there being a super low chance vs. vaccination being overall more effective the more people do it vs. the severity of the disease itself, etc. (I'm not talking about extreme anti-vaccination people who think Bill Gates putting chips in your body, but about people like my mom, who just don't know what to think and are afraid of what they don't understand but have to make decisions on) As an example, when I was a kid the chickenpox vaccine wasn't a thing in France. So when a doctor ignored our questions on the vaccines and gave the chickenpox one to my son without asking us, even though it wasn't on the list of mandatory ones, I was upset, because I got chickenpox and in my experience it was a non-event in my life, and likely boosted my immune system anyways. For that one vaccine, I would have opted out because of my perspective on it (even though I'm sure there's a case to be made that there's still one in millions of chances to get a bad case of chickenpox that leads to complications). Science on the other hand looks at the high-level perspective and for sure vaccines are great when you look at numbers. They save or improve countless lives. But that also means that in my experience (cue that same doctor I was mentioning for instance) people who look at it from the scientific perspective tend to accuse and shame people who see vaccines from another perspective, instead of understanding where those people are coming from -- which I'd argue usually turns people off even more. There's so much stuff online about how not vaccinating is like a crime, but I haven't really seen any that tries to discuss (instead of shut down) the fear of being that one-in-a-million case, the responsibilities we have to our kids, the fact that vaccines do have side effects from mild to grave (which often gets brushed off because numbers, but must really hurt the people that did suffer bad side effects themselves or their relatives) etc. To go back to the chickenpox example again: from what I could gather at the time, the chickenpox vaccine doesn't fully protect you (only some strands), needs to be done multiple times throughout your life even though getting chickenpox is supposed to protect you for life, and getting chickenpox later in life can be dangerous (so forgetting to get a new shot later in life can have big implications like going sterile for men). This is definitely not a black or white situation where one should just get the vaccine and shut up, but it feels like questioning whether one specific person in a specific country could maybe consider that getting chickenpox early is better than choosing to get the vaccine throughout their life categorizes you as an anti-vaxxer who just hates science and is slowing the progress of civilization. I feel like vaccination is akin to politics these days, in that there's no actual dialogue happening, it's either you see it my way or screw you, and that's kind of a pity for the people who just have questions and concerns in the middle and aren't trying to dismiss science altogether, but want to make the best choices for themselves or their loved ones. Anyways, I got my first Pfizer shot a few days ago, and only had a sore arm for about 24 hours. It's contributing to a feeling that this shit will end at some point, before that it still felt a bit unreal.
  2. Been in a mood lately for songs that feel like soundtracks without a movie attached (unless you count the music video)
  3. I beat Guacamelee 2 with my gf using steam link on a LAN (not using wifi) and latency wasn't noticeable, but I don't know if it's worse with heavier games
  4. Hehe don't think I'll make another thread but here's a few pics of what I'm up to with my uncle and brother, on my mom's house. I was crunching for a couple of weeks to get a pitch video done and jumped into the renovations right after so I'm exhausted, but spending time with family is nice and my uncle is only around for a couple of weeks so we're giving it a big push to get all piping/waste/electrical setups done before he leaves while we have his pro tools, truck and expertise -- he used to work as an electrician and has been renovating houses all his life so it's invaluable having him around. We have a 2-floors building + a small extension of 2 floors too to make livable. As you can see in the pics, we're having fun digging up old pipes to connect new toilets and such to, as there's loads of pipes used for rain water that we're running into. We paid masons to carve a new door into a wall, the poor guys had not really calculated the width of the wall, it turned out to be 1.05m wide made of giant stones. Also, I got an offer on my apartment on the 1st visit -- I bought it 88k (which turned into almost 102k with taxes/agency fees) and selling it back at 150k net (taxes/fees for the buyer are added on top of that price) less than 4 years later, so it's not bad.
  5. I've been working too hard for a few years now, went through some deep burnouts and such, but taking control back a bit. Putting boundaries on work, and investing in a healthier lifestyle -- I realize I don't like living in a city because I don't know what to do when I take a break from work (that is, things that don't involve spending money) and have been picking biking and exercising a bit. The appartement above mine was also not used for the last 3 years but now peeps are moving in and I have to get used to the reality of living in an appartement building (especially since I work late at night to be in sync with the US.) Working too much did help me save money so I've been looking at houses for a few weeks but running into walls: houses that were sold in less than 24 hours or while I was on my way to visit them, and since I'm renovating my mom's house I don't quite feel like another year's worth of renovations for the next purchase. When I was starting to think I should wait this housing market rush out (the rate of people looking for homes vs those selling is crazy right now in this part of France), I ran into a cool house close to the coast that ticks all my requirements. It's like a 8 min walk to the beach and close to hiking trails. Was dubious at first because there's no cell-phone coverage at all and shittiest internet, but after poking around the town officials guaranteed optic fiber internet and 4G coverage by end of year. My offer was just accepted I got pretty lucky on it as the estimation was done before confinement so prices didn't rise, and I might be selling my flat super quickly and at a good price because there's a high demand in the area. Peeps built it themselves because the whole family worked in construction, so it's a 2nd-hand. Its layout is weird and its interior is a bit odd for the area (the owners liked the style of mountain homes, with lots of visible wood inside), and I'll tweak the decoration, but I generally really like it. Now if only I could see my american girlfriend, we've been kept apart since February...
  6. Corwin

    Corona Virus

    I've got a few contacts in hospitals in Paris from back when I lived there with my ex-wife and she was a nurse in the biggest hospital there. They're being hit pretty hard, some of them are posting about being scared all the time and hating how they're portrayed as heroes because it means they can't say how scared and panicked they are, about being given instructions by the government to not reanimate people over a certain age and help them pass away with drugs, etc. One of them (a male nurse) got the virus early on, and went to ER but he wasn't considered a priority because he's still in his late 30s so he had to go home and use an asthma inhaler when he had some trouble breathing (he doesn't have asthma, that's what the hospital gave him to use if it got bad) -- he reported the worse muscle pain he had in his life for a few days. The refrigerated trucks outside some of the hospitals to hold bodies temporarily is true in some of the most heavily affected areas. I don't directly know anyone who's confirmed to have gotten it besides 2 nurses (1 in Paris, 1 in Brussels), but my ex-wife knows a couple families that were affected not too severely but did report similar things as Izuno and others -- to them it manifested as a super strong flu that's kind of unpredictable (fine one minute, completely fucked the next, with some getting better then worse again) My hometown is fairly small for a city, and out of the ways, so we've not yet been too badly hit as far as I know and some patients from Paris got transferred here (since most trains do not run anymore, some got converted into moving clinics to transfer patients around to other hospitals). Still not taking chances to contract it and be responsible for deaths in or out of my loved ones, so I've only gone out twice in the last 3 weeks to get groceries for myself and my ex-wife/kids and take the trash out. My grand-ma is a 87 years-old cancer survivor and just sold her house to soon relocate with my mom here, and now she's freaking out and no longer leaving her packed-up home at all, living off of her poultry and garden as much as she can, so we had to organize for people from her area to drop off groceries at her gate. My girlfriend recently went through a major rebound from being given steroids to treat nerve pain (she has acute spondylolisthesis), which essentially fucked up her whole nervous system and led to lots of physical therapy and dry needling to try to get it back up, so there's no telling how she would react to the virus -- she moved out of L.A. a couple of weeks back to be in a less populated area in the californian desert at her mom's so hopefully we won't have to find out. My daughter gets epilepsy strokes when her fever gets too high and has to be taken to the ER, so I also hope she stays clear of it. Bleh, it's in times like this that you realize how fragile both our bodies and our societal systems are. I'm glad we're generally prioritizing people over economy in a time like this though, and hope that some of those intentions remain afterwards and keep some of the laws/systems under scrutiny for a while after -- if some laws could be lifted or softened, or if money could be found to support the crisis, it should allow those laws to be reviewed and some seemingly-impossible-to-solve-because-too-expensive budget problems to be exposed as possible but just not deemed important by the people making the calls. I feel like we're going to feel the effects of this virus for many years to come in trauma, society, economy, etc.
  7. Well I'm not sure how much I can share, but R.R. Martin is from Santa Fe and invested a few millions into a local art collective called Meow Wolf a few years ago. With that money, they made a park that I can only describe as "psychedelic Disneyland for adults where you can touch anything and go anywhere", and had a lot of success with it, so they're repeating the process in Vegas and Denver (bigger parks, more craziness). I've been working with them for a few months and that internal "vertical slice" (that I can't share details about) is now being presented to a bunch of stakeholders and investors, and yesterday was R.R. Martin's turn. He apparently seemed impressed hehe. This is going to be an interesting year! They released a documentary on how the first park was created, here's the trailer:
  8. My girlfriend is currently presenting the demo we created to R.R. Martin, not sure what to think about that. I can't help but be excited, even though it doesn't really mean anything. Fame is weird.
  9. Windows were actually surprisingly decent so I didn't change anything there. I do have a cold spot in my kitchen: since I use natural gas to cook, to follow the french safety norms I am supposed to have a ventilation both at ceiling level and at ground level so the gas can escape if there's a leak. Because I am a law abiding citizen, I pierced an air vent on the ground level through the door to the loggia and through the wall of the loggia to the outside. But now you can feel the cold air going through quite a bit when it's windy outside (it's the wrong side of the building that gets most of the wind). I'm gonna lose some heat and that's bad, so I'm working on a solution to cut the wind but still allow the air to move through. The positive side is that the flat is generally pretty well ventilated through inner chimneys between apartments in the building, so while that might increase my heating bill, it'll keep mold away and such. This area of France can be pretty damp a lot of the year. In other news, I finally bought myself a computer that can run Crysis...
  10. Living room pretty much done! Plants are chilling here but a bunch will go into other rooms soon. Around half the furniture in the apartment I got second-hand for cheap, turned out pretty good still I think
  11. It took me way longer than planned because I spent almost half of the last year in the US and was working a lot whenever I was around my hometown, but I'm almost there! Moving in on the 21st after a plumber comes to clean up and revise the central heater. The kitchen is still covered in plastic because it needs a last coat of paint, and I have a bunch of small things to finish like adding shelves in some of the closets, and I'm still expecting some furniture and such for living room, but it should take about a week, maybe 2 to be completely done. Some shots! Main bedroom 1: Main bedroom 2: Office: Entrance:
  12. Toilet done! Doesn't necessarily look like it needed an overhaul from the pictures but the toilet itself was really bad, the walls were all damaged, the dry-wall on the right was moldy at the base because it touched the floor, etc. Was hoping to actually break it and leave it open to gain a few centimeters on the width of the room but there were too many pipes in all directions behind it, would have looked stupid so I rebuilt it brand new.
  13. It's a layer of plastic that comes as a roll and which you cut with a box-cutter, glued to the old floor with joints on the sides so water can't seap under it. Tiling the floor would have raised it too high compared to the rest of the apartment, and forced me to cut the door. Or I would have had to break the old tiles which were small and glued to the concrete below directly and since the floor was already straight, i didn't feel like breaking it all, so I just covered it all. Good thing is it makes it easy to swap out the top layer if I want to change it for another color or if it gets damaged. It's also nicer for the feet than tiles: doesn't slide as much and is less cold to the touch.
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