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  1. What's going on with your life?

    Girlfriend was in Las Vegas in the street near the hotel 3 hours before the shooting. A guy hit on her at a bar who was going to the country festival that evening. Selfishly, that feels a bit too close for comfort. EDIT: Still didn't finish renovating my apartment because it's been a crazy year and I've almost not been around. Dating an amazing, creative woman who lives in the US and makes me happy. Started the year with joining an indie venture that collapsed a few months later when a couple artists left during the crunch for an important demo. Been in the US twice, first ever for me. Traveling a bunch. Rode up to San Jose and San Francisco for business and meeting my new team. Working on the tech side of creating interactive fictions using chatbots and simulated characters. Life is exciting, been a pretty intense year full of ups and downs, but mostly ups, and I'm eager to see what comes next. I'm going to work in New York for two months soon, then be back for christmas and intend on finishing my long-due renovations in January. Only the unfinished shower prevents me from living there.
  2. Portfolio Building

    Make maps for Doom or Quake then? Some of those old games still have big communities, recent source ports compatible with modern OS, better level editors than back in the days, and levels are generally made of simple geometry, no fancy assets to import from a modeling package. If you want to get into Level Design as a career, you'll need the basics of at least whiteboxing a space anyway, so using at least one of tools like Sketchup, 3DSMax or internal tools from your engine of choice is kinda required. I wouldn't recommend asset stores, I'm not super familiar with Unreal's one but at least when it comes to Unity you'll have better luck finding good tools, shaders and scripting packages than cheap modular assets. And you still wouldn't have fun game mechanics to design your level for. If you're limited by your computer's power and money, then I don't think there's much we can help you with. Pick a game that runs well on your computer and check out its editor. It'd probably be faster to install and toy with than to wait for us to tell you what your computer can handle. Most of all, pick a game that you want to make levels for. Also check out indie games with level editors. I think Hammerwatch had one for instance. Don't know if you're picky in what types of games you want to map for though. Just start making stuff with editors and see what runs on your computer and what you like.
  3. Corwin's house renovation adventure

    I'm doing it again! (on a smaller scale) Bought a flat in the city where I studied and been renovating it during the day and working in evening/night to be aligned with my partners in crime's timezone. I'm coming out of the "break shit up" phase and into the "rebuild it" one. It's a sprint rather than a marathon on that one, gotta get it ready by early June at the latest. I don't know for how long I'll be around the area, depends on how stable my current job working from home turns out to be, but it's exciting to soon have a place to call my own. Ordered the kitchen today, gotta get the room ready for when it arrives. Also redoing the bathroom completely, with new shower structure and such. Bedrooms are not too far from done already, just gotta paint and polish/vitrify the hardwood floors so they don't look so damaged. It's way better than my previous experience, if only for the fact that I speak the same language as people who can give me advice/help. I am also deeply saddened by having to get rid of these marvelous pieces of art:
  4. Ryse: Son of Rome

    Ryse was a success if you look at its core pillars/goals. Fun (ok fun is a shit core pillar but still) was in the 7th and almost last place, so that's what you got. Graphics and cinematic experience were at the top obviously, and it did ok on those I think. While I don't loathe it like Chris does, I do hope to not have to work on games where the priorities are so far from the medium's main purpose ever again. It's a shame about the theme, the whole franchise could have been great. It's a shame we didn't get to make the sequel, Ryse's development was plagued by building a team from the ground up and going third-person hack&slash with an engine not made for that, we could have really stepped it up on a sequel.
  5. Level Design Inspiration Photo Blog

    Om nom nom nom nom. Very nice
  6. What movie is this?

  7. What's going on with your life?

    Nope, I'm joining a group of ex-colleagues and their friends It's an adventure!
  8. What's going on with your life?

    In the last couple months I sold my house, quit my job in Germany and moved back to France to try to solve my couple/family issues, am divorcing my wife after all and joining a game-dev startup, buying a car as my old one died after the drive back home, and searching for a flat to buy in my hometown. Lots of changes, I think for the better, looking forward to having more time for myself!
  9. William Tyler Buser - Level Designer

    It's alright, but even on my beast computer at work I get clear framerate issues when multiple of them update at once and I'm trying to scroll up/down (e.g. when I'm in the middle of the page for the CoD stuff). I don't know if it's just me. I'm on Chrome.
  10. Brest

    Oh don't get me wrong, I really don't care if it looks like Brest or not! It's your stuff, and gameplay first! It's not like anybody will complain or even notice. Keep up the good work!
  11. Brest

    You can see the sun from Brest of course, it just shines 8 times a day for a few minutes Also yeah it's a pretty hard stretch to recognize the stuff I've seen so far to be honest. The harbor has a bit more promise, but in general the pics you posted feel a lot more 'french WW2-era village' than 'french WW2-era city'. Which is fine btw, those assets look great! http://www.cparama.com/forum/brest-ports-et-bateaux-t10249.html
  12. What's going on with your life?

    I just put in my resignation at work and will leave in about a month back to Britanny in France, as while Germany had some perks, my current commute time, work hours, and renovations were creating a whirlwind of stress and lack of energy, and were damaging my relationship with my wife almost beyond the point of no return. I started trying to come up with a plan to be able to move back home with family and friends, and out of the blue a neighbor showed up at my doorstep and asked if I was selling my house. Turns out he owns a restaurant across the street, will retire next year, and wants the house to turn half of the garden into parking spots for his restaurant, otherwise German law says he cannot rent it and so he'd lose a lot of money over time. So everyone's happy, I don't have to finish the renovations (big load off my back and cuts down on further investments I'd have to make to properly finish it and make it easy to sell), got a good price for it given the state it's in, and 2 weeks after he showed up I've got a contract in hand and am signing it tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to work from home, the area I was raised in doesn't have ANY game companies, but the immediate focus will be climbing back up the hill for my couple and catching up a bit with my kids too. Also being back to the ocean is gonna be awesome, I never really knew what to do with my family around here where there's only forests and hills. The plan is to move back to this area, kinda close to family but still not at the very tip of Britanny where driving to anywhere in Europe takes 5 more hours.
  13. Brest

    I'm from that city, looking forward to see how you portray it
  14. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    It's like half of the game releases these days have an implied 'early access' period