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  1. Well I'm not sure how much I can share, but R.R. Martin is from Santa Fe and invested a few millions into a local art collective called Meow Wolf a few years ago. With that money, they made a park that I can only describe as "psychedelic Disneyland for adults where you can touch anything and go anywhere", and had a lot of success with it, so they're repeating the process in Vegas and Denver (bigger parks, more craziness). I've been working with them for a few months and that internal "vertical slice" (that I can't share details about) is now being presented to a bunch of stakeholders and investors, and yesterday was R.R. Martin's turn. He apparently seemed impressed hehe. This is going to be an interesting year! They released a documentary on how the first park was created, here's the trailer:
  2. My girlfriend is currently presenting the demo we created to R.R. Martin, not sure what to think about that. I can't help but be excited, even though it doesn't really mean anything. Fame is weird.
  3. Windows were actually surprisingly decent so I didn't change anything there. I do have a cold spot in my kitchen: since I use natural gas to cook, to follow the french safety norms I am supposed to have a ventilation both at ceiling level and at ground level so the gas can escape if there's a leak. Because I am a law abiding citizen, I pierced an air vent on the ground level through the door to the loggia and through the wall of the loggia to the outside. But now you can feel the cold air going through quite a bit when it's windy outside (it's the wrong side of the building that gets most of the wind). I'm gonna lose some heat and that's bad, so I'm working on a solution to cut the wind but still allow the air to move through. The positive side is that the flat is generally pretty well ventilated through inner chimneys between apartments in the building, so while that might increase my heating bill, it'll keep mold away and such. This area of France can be pretty damp a lot of the year. In other news, I finally bought myself a computer that can run Crysis...
  4. Living room pretty much done! Plants are chilling here but a bunch will go into other rooms soon. Around half the furniture in the apartment I got second-hand for cheap, turned out pretty good still I think
  5. It took me way longer than planned because I spent almost half of the last year in the US and was working a lot whenever I was around my hometown, but I'm almost there! Moving in on the 21st after a plumber comes to clean up and revise the central heater. The kitchen is still covered in plastic because it needs a last coat of paint, and I have a bunch of small things to finish like adding shelves in some of the closets, and I'm still expecting some furniture and such for living room, but it should take about a week, maybe 2 to be completely done. Some shots! Main bedroom 1: Main bedroom 2: Office: Entrance:
  6. Toilet done! Doesn't necessarily look like it needed an overhaul from the pictures but the toilet itself was really bad, the walls were all damaged, the dry-wall on the right was moldy at the base because it touched the floor, etc. Was hoping to actually break it and leave it open to gain a few centimeters on the width of the room but there were too many pipes in all directions behind it, would have looked stupid so I rebuilt it brand new.
  7. It's a layer of plastic that comes as a roll and which you cut with a box-cutter, glued to the old floor with joints on the sides so water can't seap under it. Tiling the floor would have raised it too high compared to the rest of the apartment, and forced me to cut the door. Or I would have had to break the old tiles which were small and glued to the concrete below directly and since the floor was already straight, i didn't feel like breaking it all, so I just covered it all. Good thing is it makes it easy to swap out the top layer if I want to change it for another color or if it gets damaged. It's also nicer for the feet than tiles: doesn't slide as much and is less cold to the touch.
  8. Finally slowed down a bit this year, renovations didn't go super far last year because I spent a few months in the US and worked a lot when I was back home. Now focusing on finishing the renovations of my apartment, bathroom is 99% done, just gotta wait for a few things to dry and put back the window on its frame, test for leaks with water pressure turned on at max, and put the door back on. Lots of mistake on that one room along the way, the worse one being that because I was changing the window I stupidly decided to do the tiles around before I put on the frame so that I wouldn't have to do perfect cuts because they would be covered up (a friend was helping me with the window and I wanted to use his expertise putting the frame right there and then, instead of waiting for the whole room to be tiled), but turns out it's not so easy to tile a wall from the top to bottom because of something called gravity. Had to keep on putting supports on the wall and making sure everything was 100% horizontal to the millimeter because the tiles would slide down while the glue was still soft otherwise. Took longer than it should have because of that to tile the whole room, but it turned out ok in the end. Also I bought some super solid tiles thinking it would be a good thing, but that meant they could only be cut with a disk cutter and piercing them was a pain in the dick. Trying to finish toilets and kitchen next. Most other rooms just need some paint and touch-ups and putting shelves and such in the closets. I also intend on doing one last round of finely polishing all the hardwood floors before I can start furnishing.
  9. Girlfriend was in Las Vegas in the street near the hotel 3 hours before the shooting. A guy hit on her at a bar who was going to the country festival that evening. Selfishly, that feels a bit too close for comfort. EDIT: Still didn't finish renovating my apartment because it's been a crazy year and I've almost not been around. Dating an amazing, creative woman who lives in the US and makes me happy. Started the year with joining an indie venture that collapsed a few months later when a couple artists left during the crunch for an important demo. Been in the US twice, first ever for me. Traveling a bunch. Rode up to San Jose and San Francisco for business and meeting my new team. Working on the tech side of creating interactive fictions using chatbots and simulated characters. Life is exciting, been a pretty intense year full of ups and downs, but mostly ups, and I'm eager to see what comes next. I'm going to work in New York for two months soon, then be back for christmas and intend on finishing my long-due renovations in January. Only the unfinished shower prevents me from living there.
  10. Make maps for Doom or Quake then? Some of those old games still have big communities, recent source ports compatible with modern OS, better level editors than back in the days, and levels are generally made of simple geometry, no fancy assets to import from a modeling package. If you want to get into Level Design as a career, you'll need the basics of at least whiteboxing a space anyway, so using at least one of tools like Sketchup, 3DSMax or internal tools from your engine of choice is kinda required. I wouldn't recommend asset stores, I'm not super familiar with Unreal's one but at least when it comes to Unity you'll have better luck finding good tools, shaders and scripting packages than cheap modular assets. And you still wouldn't have fun game mechanics to design your level for. If you're limited by your computer's power and money, then I don't think there's much we can help you with. Pick a game that runs well on your computer and check out its editor. It'd probably be faster to install and toy with than to wait for us to tell you what your computer can handle. Most of all, pick a game that you want to make levels for. Also check out indie games with level editors. I think Hammerwatch had one for instance. Don't know if you're picky in what types of games you want to map for though. Just start making stuff with editors and see what runs on your computer and what you like.
  11. I'm doing it again! (on a smaller scale) Bought a flat in the city where I studied and been renovating it during the day and working in evening/night to be aligned with my partners in crime's timezone. I'm coming out of the "break shit up" phase and into the "rebuild it" one. It's a sprint rather than a marathon on that one, gotta get it ready by early June at the latest. I don't know for how long I'll be around the area, depends on how stable my current job working from home turns out to be, but it's exciting to soon have a place to call my own. Ordered the kitchen today, gotta get the room ready for when it arrives. Also redoing the bathroom completely, with new shower structure and such. Bedrooms are not too far from done already, just gotta paint and polish/vitrify the hardwood floors so they don't look so damaged. It's way better than my previous experience, if only for the fact that I speak the same language as people who can give me advice/help. I am also deeply saddened by having to get rid of these marvelous pieces of art:
  12. Ryse was a success if you look at its core pillars/goals. Fun (ok fun is a shit core pillar but still) was in the 7th and almost last place, so that's what you got. Graphics and cinematic experience were at the top obviously, and it did ok on those I think. While I don't loathe it like Chris does, I do hope to not have to work on games where the priorities are so far from the medium's main purpose ever again. It's a shame about the theme, the whole franchise could have been great. It's a shame we didn't get to make the sequel, Ryse's development was plagued by building a team from the ground up and going third-person hack&slash with an engine not made for that, we could have really stepped it up on a sequel.
  13. Om nom nom nom nom. Very nice
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