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  1. Hi all, Been a while but I have got round to sorting this out! The website has finally been dragged kicking and screaming out of flash and into html. Changes: - Re-made site from ground up in html. - Made it lightweight and fast (No more load buffering like last time). - Took on your feedback and removed all the distracting text and photoshop stuff from the pages. - Streamlined much of the project content and set it up so that each projects full content sits on one page. (No more looking for next page buttons). - Works better for mobile phones now. - Simpler and cleaner look overall. Phew! Thanks all
  2. AkatsukiUK


    Hi all, This map is a bit of a mad experiment in making a level indoors only. There is just two places where I have a skybox material to open up the ceiling a little but otherwise the level is lit by around 180+ lights in total. Visually it wont win any awards but a lot of work in the last few months went into improving the flow, spaces, general readability and performance. This is also my first cs map and using Source sdk, so I was initially a bit worried about entering this contest. I finished the map around June this year, although there are still improvements that could be made from the helpful feedback I received here in the original thread: Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=446927952 Some really nice looking maps in the contest and I wish everyone all the best!
  3. Changed all the font to Arial. Has helped I think make everything a lot easier to read, and removed the home page and swapped it over for the projects tab. I found having the contact details in a separate tab reduced the amount of spam I was receiving :). Looked further into the way the page displayed for you Dux. The only time I have seen my webpage appear like that is when you try to open it on a mobile phone. So the issue is likely flash related/your browser and not my provider. When I eventually move my site to html this should clear up any future issues like this. My feedback from interviews recently have been really positive, but your suggestions will continue to help me moving forward. Now I just need to figure out how to jump over that final hurdle and get the job.
  4. Heya both, Thanks for swinging by and taking a look. I will have a tinker with it when I get a free weekend. I will move/remove some tabs at the top. Think only reason I kept that projects tab was just to give the user the option of getting back. The page not loading is related to moonfruits servers. This year they had a fair few problems. When I get the time I will move the portfolio into html from flash. Thanks for your feedback
  5. Perhaps my experience was better because I went through a developer on mapcore. I guess when the system works they were pretty good and prompt in responding to e-mails. Really it's communication that needs to improve, especially studio sites that say you can ask the team/about the role email here or phone! ... half the time a receptionist hangs up or the most insulting response. An automated email several months after you apply. Great...
  6. Poor HR departments drive me insane. SO tired of hearing nothing back and putting time into writing personal cover letters. All HR should follow the same structure CD Projekt have in processing your application. You get told what stage your at and when your portfolio gets reviewed. Plus when you get feedback of any kind at least you know where you might need to improve. Shit HR has to stop!
  7. Look pretty cool from the shots you have. Will you be adding your work to a dedicated website with your name? Hope you don't mind me saying but you have yourself titled as a level designer but your work comes across strongly as a 3d/Environment artist (I know making your own game comes with making assets yourself). Some might get the wrong idea otherwise :).
  8. Nice ideas Vaya thanks. I was thinking the same for the CT spawn in terms of the image you linked, but started to think it was getting too busy on the eye. Truth be told I am feeling quite worn out at the moment. Recently finished a prototype of a game I was making and went straight onto this, so candle has been burnt at both ends, all the while trying to get work. Will work on the last polish after a much needed break from hammer and add your suggestions.
  9. and really there is a Witcher 3 disc in the Bloodborne box..
  10. I went to University with a guy who works for them at moment. Can see his face in the large group of developers lol. Seems like a top place to work and actually have your skills developed along the way.
  11. Welcome to Mapcore :). A couple of things on your map: - I would try to avoid using lights that flicker/pulse. You can get horrible (sometimes corrupt) shadows with these, not to mention they're really distracting in-game. - Place a wall around the edge of your map so that the players cant see the edge of the world below your skybox. This is the start of thinking about making your maps feel like they belong somewhere in the world. (This is not something you learn over night, we all need help with this, but the technical aspects of learning the editor you can achieve). Since your first level is simple, why not try to make a radar for it. You can then transfer what you have learnt into your new map :). What is in the boxes?... FMPONE's blood?, Sainsburys nectar points?....EMPTY!? =/
  12. AkatsukiUK

    [CS:GO] de_orion

    What does the facility test? The name could come from this. While perfectly viable the names you have listed, they do sound quite generic.
  13. To help get more responses if you could attach a layout/map of how it is currently that would be cool. Even a hand drawn layout would be handy. From your only screenshot I got a medieval marketplace vibe. That could be quite a fun theme especially with plenty of films like Robin Hood and Merlin etc with locations like these to use as reference. Sometimes when I get stuck I think about implementing function with theme. So a place like a markeplace, if this area is used regularly for food stalls then they would have an area for storing any excess. Perhaps some sort of car park or trade entrance. Think along those lines and it will help when adding new paths + areas.
  14. Map in for test this Sunday 31/05 :). Lots of visual/gameplay balancing/layout changes implemented based on previous tests feedback a while back. Might not be present this time for the test as I am having a birthday weekend hooray!
  15. Submitted v3 of de_subliminal for this sunday 31/05/2015. Lots of work done on it and should push it finally into release stage :).
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